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Felice Mazzù is proud of his collective: “This group does not accept defeat”

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Felice Mazzù’s cry of rage released to his assistants at the final whistle meant a lot. The unionist coach was well aware that the victory wrested from courage by his men on the ground of Sint-Truiden was very precious. “We are happy to have won because we needed a reaction after the loss against Louvain not to fall into a kind of negative energy, explained Felice Mazzù after the match. But also because it is never easy to rule out a Sint-Truiden team which is doing big results at home on a synthetic pitch which is not easy for the opponents to play. We certainly didn’t have the best game of our season, there was a lot of waste in our game. We also had a difficult first quarter of an hour in the second half but the guys showed a lot of desire. . I want to congratulate my group on its character. We had to defend more often than usual but the team showed great organization. “

This victory allows the Union to preserve a staggering statistic: with Mazzù, the people of Brussels have never lost two games in a row. “It shows that guys are aware of the mistakes of losing. They don’t accept defeat which is very important. This big sign of character is very positive for the future.”

No departure expected

As often this season, the Saint-Gillois were able to count on their home scorer, Deniz Undav. A striker who will certainly attract envy during the winter transfer window … “I’m his manager, I’m the one who decides if he leaves or notMazzù laughed. More seriously, the players want to stay together until the end of the season. The more points we keep taking, the more coveted players will want to stay with us. I don’t know how to chain them together so that they don’t leave, but the management has been very clear: they have no wish to sell anyone in January. “

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