FC Andorra – Celta de Vigo live | Copa del Rey


Good afternoon!!! Returns the Copa del Rey with his second level. In the first round, only a single team was eliminated from First or Second by a lesser team, the Oviedo. Still they stay alive six teams from Second RFEF and seven from First RFEF. Among the latter is the Andorra that receives the Celta Vigo at Andorra National Stadium where he will seek to surprise by ‘kicking’ a team of LaLiga.

The people of Vigo did their homework in the previous phase by endorsing it a ‘little hand’ to the Ebro in La Romareda. But they come to this meeting with caution and without excess confidence since last year the Ibiza He sent them home in the same round as the one being played this week. The Balearic Islands endorsed him a 5-2 and with that memory Coudet’s team he learned the lesson. Even so, the Argentine coach will give a chance to the less common but with the slogan not to relax for a minute.

For his part the Andorra has been planted in this second phase after winning away from home at Náxara with a lone penalty goal. Today they want to take down a First in his stadium artificial grass which will be a handicap for the Galicians. The Andorran team is led by Eder Sarabia, the former assistant coach of Setién has four consecutive victories and is fourth in the league. Today you have the opportunity to overthrow a Celtic which is in low hours, fourteenth in First with eight defeats.




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