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One more day in the office was the derby for Liverpool, who won 1-4 at Goodison Park with hardly any disheveled, showing off their colossal payroll and wealth of resources against an Everton tied up, powerless, flat as in their darkest years.

In the first minute Liverpool missed it and both a pirouette by Salah saved Everton from the first. At 7, Salah forgave again in a great drag of the brand by Diogo Jota and Mané. A red tide from the very whistle over the area of ​​Pickford, who could no longer do anything to remove it from the bottom just 8 minutes, after a tremendous shot from Henderson, the captain, appearing from behind in the middle of the area. Because everyone, everyone in red is capable of defining …

And at 14 the bullet that Alexander-Arnold took was masterfully removed by Pickford, the employee of the month, already in Everton, who in spite of everything did not take the rival dominance badly and gave some scare in a deflected shot from Richarlison. But there is no courage that he reaches when Salah wants to play: he outwitted Digne at 19 and headed relentlessly until he shot the goalkeeper and embraced again with his people, with Henderson, the one who gave him the beautiful pass to leave him hand in hand . What a footballer the Egyptian is!

But do you remember we said Everton didn’t crash? It was ratified when Richarlison surprised at 38 minutes with a deep pass to Gray, who held the exit of Allison Becker and defined him above for 1-2.
As it turns out at 45 to Salah is a beautiful pass that ended in Pickford’s header and save, we would have to call France Football to make another complaint about the Ballon d’Or.

And the complement came and that breeze before the break disappeared, Liverpool did what it wanted when it accelerated and the rival could not do anything other than watch him play: at 64 he put a new carrerón of his own Salah, lethal he headed for Pickford while Coleman I looked at the number and again to celebrate.

When Digo Jota appeared with his beautiful definition at 79 and the blue legs did not respond to the orders of the brain and the 1-4 left them the certainty of being very, very inferior to their rivals in the courtyard.

Liverpool won well, without pressure, and on the way left another hard blow to the Benítez project that does not start, which will have very important athletes but not a single man who makes a difference in imagination, not a single idea that falls onto the field. James plays in Qatar, just in case. And Everton continues its irreparable collapse.




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