Elio: “An investigator told me: in Sanremo you won, but you can’t say …” – News

On the occasion of the publication of his new book, They called him Maesutori, biography of the baseball player Alessandro Maestri (co-author of the work), Stefano Belisari aka Elio granted a substantial interview to Corriere della Sera. The occasion was tempting to evoke background and curiosities about his career and, obviously, about that of the Elio and the Tense Stories.

In addition to the story of the birth of his passion for baseball, shared with Faso, and that of the meeting with Jannacci on which he has a show scheduled to start in December (“[l’ho conosciuto] in the hospital where I was operated on for appendicitis at 12 years old. He was a doctor there, he examined me, but I was asleep “). Elio also confessed that the Elii, despite the announcement of 2017 and “the last concert” of the following year, still exist.

We didn’t break up, we always see each other, the difference is that we don’t do live or records anymore, until further notice. […] We didn’t want the group to become a clerical job where you have to create just because you have to live. Then, of course: art is also linked to earning. Indeed, I would like if you reminded me that, in this country, there are many Campania culture, which is also TV, music, cinema, comedy. I care because I have never digested that minister who said “you can’t eat culture”.

The most succulent revelation, however, concerns a background on their participation in the Sanremo Festival of ’96. As you know, they finished second – behind Ron and Tosca – with The Land of Persimmons («We didn’t want to go there, we had nothing to do with the festival, but the pressure was a lot […] We said to ourselves: let’s go there as on a trip and let’s do some shit, as we like it. […] But the first night […] when “Italy yes Italy no” starts, the ladies in the front row start beating time and I think: ouch, something went wrong “). The final classification was at the center of a file of the Milan prosecutor’s office, aimed at highlighting any fraud. Nothing came of it, but the Elii and other artists were also heard during the investigation.

There had been a ranking survey. They questioned us and an investigator confided to me: you won, but you can’t tell. After years, I see Giorgia and she tells me: they told me too.

During the interview, Elio also returned to remember their passage on the stage of the May Day concert, an episode that we recently retraced on SA, their participation in a porn with Rocco Siffredi, the death of Feiez and others anecdotes about the history of the Milanese band.

Their latest studio record, Arrivedorci, was released in 2018. He reviewed it on SA Antonio Lamorte. Elio, after the happy participation in Lol, will again be the protagonist in a television program, Italia’s Got Talent, after it had been a symbolic face of past editions of X Factor.



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