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Eiduka ” Tour de ski ” 10km enters the fortieth with a mass start – Winter sports – Sportacentrs.com

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Yesterday, the “Tour de ski” was the first holiday, during which participants from Switzerland, where the first two stages took place, moved to Germany, the home of this year’s World Championships in Oberstdorf. After one day of rest on the last day of the New Year, the tour continued with the third stage. The women competed in the 10km freestyle with a mass start. Of the 86 skiers who started the tour, 68 remained, most of whom were the strongest. Among the strong skiers who do not continue the tour, we can mention the Russian Julia Stupak, who finished in the high 7th place in the classic 10km classic on Wednesday.

Patricia Eiduka has started in the freestyle distance this year in the World Cup stages only once, when in the middle of December in Davos 10km, which was the start of the interval, took the 26th place, reaching 5 points in the overall standings of the World Cup. At the end of November, the representative of Aizkraukle region, like several other skiers, did not go to the start in the freestyle 10km freestyle run, but did not participate in the 10km freestyle section of Lillehammer. Last year, the “Tour de ski” mass start distances were only in the classic, where Eiduka won the 24th and 30th places, but in the freestyle – 10 km and the start distance of the interval – he won the 22nd place both times.

Today’s mass start distance in the group of 68 participants of Latvia’s leading skier started in the middle, starting with the 39th number, which was awarded according to the classification according to the results of the first two stages. Throughout the distance, Patricia Eiduka stayed in the forties, retaining opportunities to enter the thirties. In a similar fight with several skiers, Patricia was able to get the 35th place, only 4 seconds short in her thirties. 35th place is also a good success, as the competition for thirties is similar and strong, and 21-year-old Eiduka can’t be expected to achieve it every time.

In the end, Jessica Digins, an American who was not in the top ten yesterday, was able to show the highest speed among the eight leading skiers, celebrating the second victory in this tour. The second place and the first prize in this year’s “Tour de ski” were won by the Swedish Frida Carlson, but the top three was also won by the Russian Tatiana Sorina. The first three fit in less than a second. Norway was not in the top three for the second consecutive round. If the best Norwegian in the 10km classic was Anna Čersti Kalvo, who won only the tenth place, then today Heidi Venga took the 5th place. Finland, which succeeded in the classic Brother and Sister Niskanen Day, started more modestly this time, the best being Krista Permekoski, who took the 15th place.

Tour de ski 3rd stage, 10km freestyle with women’s start in Obertsdorf (Germany), 66 participants

V. Athletes Country The result
1. Džesika Diginsa ASV 21:30.8
2. Frieda Carlson Sweden +0.5
3. Tatjana Sorina Russia +0.8
4. Eba Andersone Sweden +1.2
5. Heidi Come Norway + 2.6
6. Katarina Henniga Germany + 3.5
35. Patricia Eiduka Latvia +59.0


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