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Eiduka froze before the prestigious ‘Tour de Ski’ competition

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The prestigious multi-stage cross-country skiing series “Tour de Ski” will start in Switzerland on Tuesday, December 28, with the participation of Latvia’s leading cross-country skier Patrīcija Eiduka and the best in the men’s competition – Raimo Vīgants, informs the representative of skiers Ivars Bācis. Eiduka got a little cold before the competition.

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Last year, Patricia Eiduka became the first woman in the Baltic States to complete the prestigious and difficult tour to the end. Eiducos entered the top 30 in all eight stages of the Tour de Ski, earning points for the World Cup standings. In addition, in the final and most difficult stage against the downhill skiing, the 20-year-old Latvian did the incredible thing – won the tenth place, entering the top ten for the second time in her career in the PK stages.

Eiduka admitted that he was a little cold, but would try to start well under the current conditions. The Latvian skier, who is in the world rank in the top 60, has planned to participate in the first four of the six stages of the “Tour de Ski”. Although there are slightly fewer stages in the tour this year, it is not planned to start until the end, because the main focus of the season is on the Olympic Games in the beginning of February. 86 skiers will start the tour for women.

Raimo Vīgants made his debut last season in the prestigious ski series “Tour de Ski”, starting in the first three of a total of seven stages and achieving the best result on the first day of the sprint in Valmuster (Switzerland) – 44th place. This year, the best skier from Latvia from Madona will have the second time in this ski series, which will start on Tuesday, December 28. More than a hundred participants – 111 skiers – have applied for the men.

He says that the problems with the frozen tooth are already behind him and that he flew to Munich yesterday to then go on to Switzerland, where the first stages of the tour will take place. “There is no fault of well-being. It is better now,” says Raimo, who is in the world ranking three hundred.

“I will only complete the first two stages – on December 28 in the freestyle sprint and on December 29 in the 15 km classic.” Raimo does not hide that he would like to start at another stage or stages, but he is on the Estonian team this season, but the Estonians will go home after the second day because they have a national championship on December 30, so the Madonna has to adjust to his team and leave the Tour de Ski “after the second day of the competition.

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