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Duncan Robinson, the blow of the blackout?

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While this summer he signed a contract worth $ 90 million over 5 years, the highest in history for an undrafted player, Duncan Robinson barely for the moment to achieve what he received so much money for, to be skilful at three points. Because the problem is not really in the number of three points he puts every night. Indeed, with his 3 three-point shots taken in each evening, he is even the 8th best shooter in the league in terms of volume of successful shots. But where the shoe pinch is that he shoots more than 9 long distance shots per night (9.1). After a brief calculation, we quickly realize that his percentage is not up to his qualities and his previous seasons. With 32.6% he is only ranked 116th in three-point shooting success. Far from its 44.6% in 2019/2020 or its 40.8% in 2020/2021. And if everyone knows that a shooter also works a lot on confidence, Kyle Lowry would then like his shooter to be in better conditions, precisely to regain this confidence.

“I know Duncan is a hell of a shooter. And we’ve all figured out what player he is, what he does and how he can shoot, how many shots he can put in. But I think right now we have to keep giving him the ball and pushing him to keep taking his shots. But we have to find opportunities to give him the ball in better situations, where the defender is not that close to him. Kyle Lowry

And for that, the point guard thinks that it is perhaps necessary to use the shooter differently. By giving him simpler shots to start regaining his rhythm, he who often takes his shots after a long trip rather than catch and shoot. So why not release him more easily with screens on his Defender?

“Maybe we need to lure him a little more and give him the simpler shots. Much of our attack relies on his movement and his ability to stand out and take the ball from hand to hand with Bam (Adebayo) and take the shoot directly. Who knows ? We just have to ask for a screen to make it stand out. And if someone helps you, you punish. It’s not my decision, just ideas. Kyle Lowry

Robinson’s illness also seems deeper at home since when he plays at home, his percentages crumble and drop to 23.6%. Conversely, it finds figures very close to its standards far from South Beach with 38.3%. His coach, Erik Spoelstra, had no answer last night to this lack of address. However, he wanted to highlight the good deeds of his player and his intelligence on the pitch. In any case, there is no question of changing anything in the rotation so time in the season.

“I don’t know (why he lacks address). He had some good shots tonight. I found him confident, looking for his shots. He created some good opportunities for us when (Denver) trapped him, pulling the ball out. He just needs to stay the course. I don’t have an answer for why we should change anything. We have too small a sample, this early in the season, to judge. »Erik Spoelstra

And if the Heat are doing so far at three points, they owe it lately, mainly to players like Tyler Herro, Max Strus Where Gabe Vincent who show skill to sanction three points with regularity. But Max Strus himself conveys the sentiment of each of Robinson’s teammates wonderfully. In the Heat, no worries, generally confidence for a shooter of this caliber, so the players are behind him.

“Duncan knows exactly what he’s doing. He just got paid $ 90 million. I think he’s pretty good. He’s an incredible shooter and he will be fine. Believe me, it will come. It’s just a little hungry and it’s going to come out of that. But I’m going to do whatever I can to support him, shoot with him. I’m always there for him, and he knows it. We are always there for each other.

Considering Robinson’s qualities as a shooter, there seems to be no doubt that he will quickly find a much better skill given the volume of shots taken and the seasons previously achieved by the shooter. Let’s just hope this little slack doesn’t last too long, for Robinson and the Heat.

Via The Sun Sentinel

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