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Discussion between veteran or youth of reinforcements brought by Nacional

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Given the rumors of the arrival of experienced players at Atlético Nacional, many fans are already criticizing the issue, despite the fact that the club has not made it official.

“Why this eagerness to retread players? Nacional is not a nursing home ”, is one of the many comments from fans in this regard.

Although the incorporation of Álex Mejía and Giovanni Moreno is almost a fact, the networks were also agitated when they learned that the Valle del Cauca forward Hugo Rodallega was in Medellín. Rumors of talks with the green club immediately began.

However, contrary to what the fans think, another is the opinion of analysts who believe that at this time Nacional would like to bring experienced players. “The team showed a lack of leadership and now that there are opportunities to bring in leaders who can guide Alejandro’s project very well, criticism appears. It’s because it’s difficult to keep everyone happy, “said former purslane player Jhon Jairo Carmona.

He adds that age should never count but rather the level in the present and for example both Mejía and Gio would arrive after a good performance in the clubs where they were. “Mejía did a good job in Santa Fe, while Gio in China was the captain and in all the years he played there he stood out. That is what people should evaluate, not if they are old or young ”.

Even one of the players who performed the most in 2021 with Nacional was Jéfferson Duque. The 34-year-old striker scored 27 touchdowns.

Faced with this, the technician and analyst from Antioquia Juan José Peláez says that these names would fall well for the leadership. “It is very important to have leaders inside and outside, it is a balance that must exist in the institutions that claim to be the protagonist. They can sustain a tactical scheme that is worked out in training. That is where the team can grow ”.

The Tolima coach Jorge Luis Bernal indicates that Colombia is a society in which someone after 30 is already discarded in many work areas, but he gives the example of the arrival of Dani Alves to Barcelona in Spain. “Xavi wanted to take him because his experience is good for young people. They may not play every game, but I have no doubt that experienced players will always make a great contribution to any group. “

Nacional had players who came back after 30 and surrendered. In addition to Duque’s current case, in 2005, Víctor Aristizábal returned at the age of 34 and until 2007, the year of his retirement, he achieved 68 annotations.

More recent was the return of Juan Pablo Ángel, who in 2013 put on the purslane shirt again and scored 22 goals.


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