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After meetings and announcements of reaching the last instances, the Dimayor, headed by its president, Fernando Jaramillo, announced that the final of the promotion tournament will be played and that both Unión Magdalena and Cortuluá will be in the A next year .

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“For now we have to go down the path of due process. That means that the championship continues, the promotion continues. We hope to find what happened and have the evidence to make a decision before the promotion of the other year is activated, but For now, the championship continues as it is and obviously Union Magdalena has been promoted. The final will be played, “Jaramillo told Snail Radio this Tuesday.

Regarding the investigative entities, the president gave credit to the committees in charge: “in the Disciplinary Committee there are people who know about this issue, who have had a very important legal life. They are all united in finding out what happened in those last minutes Respecting due process and putting the accelerator on this issue. “

Hot statements

Llaneros vs. Union Magdalena


Dimayor – Vizzor Image

“Those who are directly affected have reactions, they try to justify a behavior that is difficult to justify and that kind of hot statements are made. I know that the country wants more, I would like us to go out and say that the championship stopped, that there is no promotion, but we must respect due process, “he said about the statements of Manuel González, a Llaneros player.

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He also affirmed that they have already collected more than 48 evidence to contribute to the different investigations that are carried out: “we have activated all the mechanisms that we have, the Disciplinary Committee, the Disciplinary Commission and the Ethics Committee. Yesterday we had an important meeting and we determined the course of action. More than 48 tests have already been decreed and will begin to be carried out in the course of this week. “




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