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Did he get mad at Coach Šilhavý? Darida openly ends in the national team

by archysport

In the Bodlo podcast on the Sport.cz server, the former captain of the national team and a participant in three European championships refutes these rumors. He also comments on the chances of the Czechs in the barracks about the World Championships, and also on his work in Herta Berlin.

“My end in the national team was probably unexpected for a lot of people. But not for me and my family. I thought about him for a long time, I had a decision in my head for a year. If the EURO was in its original term, I would have finished a year earlier, “says Darida.

Since the summer, he has been fully focused on the club. But even this season, Hertha Berlin will not shine, it stumbles in the second half of the table. In lecčems he copies the Prague Sparta. It is also financially secure, players have great service and facilities. However, it does not fulfill the ambition. “But I believe I will see the cups in Berlin,” Darida hopes.

He is in his ninth year, and has lived in Berlin since the summer of 2015. The city has grown to his heart. He doesn’t even have to travel too much, he lives near the Olympic Stadium, where the club plays home games. “We are very happy here with our family,” says the 31-year-old midfielder.


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