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DeMarcus Lawrence remains the lifeblood of the Cowboys defense

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In the midst of Dallas’ resounding 56-14 victory over the Washington team, there were plenty of plays that garnered attention. At a scoring festival where a good number of players feasted, there was one in particular who had a magical moment. It’s about defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence, who posted a 40-yard defensive touchdown. Putting the Cowboys with a 21-0 lead with more than two minutes to go to the end of the first quarter.

And it really was necessary for D-Law to return to the team. Thanks to a broken foot in pre-game practice against the Chargers in week 2, the player was unable to see action again until week 13 against the Saints. Still, his showing in all three road games in December alongside his work at AT&T Stadium last Sunday night has been outsized. And as proof of this, there is what is considered the best play of the match. Where Tank was finally able to have his first touchdown of his career.

“Being totally honest, the opposing quarterback threw the ball in my direction,” Lawrence said. “I was fortunate to catch the ball and get to the end zone. I have no idea how I did it, but I did. “

“Being the oldest guy on defense, there is a lot of talent that I have to measure myself against. But I have to teach the youngsters that I can still do it, ”D-Law commented with a smile.

The action itself achieved a tremendous celebration in the stadium for both the public and the rest of the dressing room and coaching staff. In fact, the same offensive linemen who have to deal with Lawrence in practice moved up the wings to congratulate him. Likewise, the defensive linemen, coaches and the rest of the group all joined in on the situation. Analyzing in detail, the play is the result of Lawrence’s hard work to overcome the injury and return to the field of play with the boys. And boy did he, because his current numbers do not speak badly of his performance.

In his last four outings, D-Law has handled eleven tackles combined, four of which have been with loss of yards, two sacks, one fumble, six hits to the quarterback and four passes defended. Of course, along with the already mentioned 40-yard interception and defensive touchdown.

“D-Law has been extraordinary since his return,” commented Micah Parsons. “He just creates a lot of opportunities for everyone, he’s very effective in the passing game and in the rushing game. He’s a great force when he’s out there. “

Certainly his pass rushing and skills, Tank is helping a defense that already looked pretty good without him. However, coming back in week 13 has given the group further momentum and that has been seen in the team’s four consecutive victories. Leaving the Cowboys undefeated in December, winners of the NFC East and second in the National Conference. With the possibility of still having the first place.

Regarding this issue, D-Law spoke at a press conference after the meeting with Washington about the approach and the new goal after staying with the division. “Win every postseason game, get to the Super Bowl and win it,” the defensive end said.

Lawrence has had to deal with a lot of criticism throughout his career for the fact that he is not a player who makes many sacks in his position. However, he is spectacular in the defense of the rival running game and in putting pressure on the quarterbacks. With him on the field of play, the rest of the group becomes much more forceful and better results are sought. It is clearly seen in the four consecutive victories.

There’s no question about that, with an incredible Micah Parsons with 13 sacks and Trevon Diggs handling eleven interceptions. Also collaborating with a defense in general that boasts 33 recoveries and is the leader of the entire league in this statistic. Of which 25 of them have been for interceptions and D-Law already has one of them.

The Cowboys are expected to get the job done by finishing the season 13-4 and waiting for Green Bay to lose a game to stay at the top of the NFC. To do this, they will have DeMarcus Lawrence collaborating with a defense that has smashed quite a few opponents this season. And with the comeback in the form of the offense, they are ready to beat whatever team it is. The goal is to keep moving forward and achieve success at all costs.

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