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Dassed by Draymond Green, Karl-Anthony Towns answers him!

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After his response on Russell Westbrook a priori without ulterior motives during an interview, Karl-Anthony Towns finds himself at the heart of the controversy. Draymond Green in particular severely tackled it, to which the Wolves pivot responded on Tuesday.

Saying that Russell Westbrook “Chasing the stats” and doing “sometimes a little too much”, Karl-Anthony Towns probably did not suspect that he was going to unleash hell. Currently in the health protocol, the Wolves big man has taken a hell of a backlash, especially by Draymond Green, who said:

I saw him once from the sidelines in our win against the Timberwolves, and he was still in the game 20 points behind, two minutes left to do his stats. Come on, man. Stop talking about your “brothers” and saying we’re a fellowship if it’s to release things like that.

Shaken by Draymond Green, KAT responds to him

A strong tackle that earned Towns an ironic response:

(Referring to the match Green evokes) I didn’t know I was the coach? Was I the coach or what? I was told to be still in the game with 20 points behind with 2 minutes remaining. Oh shit I must be Bill Russell. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Bill Russell. I forgot I was Bill Russell.

KAT is here referring to the fact that the legendary Celtics pivot notoriously became the first player-coach in history in the 1960s. After this improvised comedy show, the Wolves star regained his seriousness and wanted to put an end to this sterile controversy around his words:

Hey frankly, the Warriors are a great team. I’m not here to play the disrespectful guy and all that stuff. Nah, I’m not here for that.

Will this focus be sufficient, or will it on the contrary blow on the embers and irritate even more Draymond Green ? No one knows, but what is certain is that KAT will turn his tongue seven times in his mouth before his next interview …

Russell Westbrook has still not reacted to Towns’ comments, but Towns continues to extricate himself from the consequences of his statement. The NBA “brotherhood” is definitely a real pressure cooker with a precarious balance!

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