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Darts: After CoV cases: Price wants to cancel the World Cup

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The opponents of van Gerwen, Chisnall and van der Voort received byes, van Barneveld was already eliminated. Three games have been canceled since Christmas. “I was in this position myself, so I feel for the players who were eliminated. There’s so much work to do before the World Cup, ”said Price. The former rugby pro was struck out of the Premier League earlier this year because he tested positive for the virus before it started.

Postponing the World Cup is probably not the best option, “but an option that I would be fine with”. The world association PDC has so far not announced anything in this direction. Price had previously regretted the failure of his rival van Gerwen. “I’d rather play against the best to be the best,” wrote the Welshman. “Now this tournament is worth less,” Price clarified.

World Cup so far without restrictions

Despite the rapidly expanding Omikron variant, the Darts World Cup has so far been carried out without restrictions. At Alexandra Palace in London, 3,000 visitors per day are permitted to continue to work at full capacity under 3-G approval (vaccinated, recovered and negative test persons). However, distance and masks often only play a minor role in an exuberant mood and excessive beer consumption.

The PDC is now in a self-inflicted dilemma. The show and staging-oriented association approached the World Cup with relatively generous rules and many quick tests instead of PCR tests. Now there have been two game cancellations since Christmas, which affects the value of the largest tournament. More could follow.

CoV in PDC communication only marginal aspect

The communication is monosyllabic and always follows the same pattern: player A has CoV, player B gets ahead. Not a word about further or additional protective measures. Instead, the other games are celebrated extra loud: a lot is “historical”, “epic” or “fantastic”. CoV, on the other hand, should remain a marginal aspect in the midst of weak crisis communication. Those responsible are not necessarily considered to be advocates of strict CoV measures.

PDC boss Barry Hearn wrote on December 18, referring to Omikron on the short message service Twitter: “And are we seriously thinking about shutting down the economy and causing endless misery for millions of people?” The 73-year-old realized it was time is to “live with the virus”. Meanwhile, London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan had already declared a disaster almost two weeks ago and explained: “The increase in Omicron cases in our capital is very worrying.”

The PDC should try to push through the event until January 3rd with all its might and simply to endure further failures. Scotsman Peter Wright said, “We should stay away from other people and stay inside. When I get a delivery of food, I wash my hands and do everything I can to avoid getting the virus. You don’t want to be kicked out of the World Cup because of that. Nobody wants that. “

Wright wore a mask, fans largely did not

Contact, handshakes and hugs between the players should be avoided – at least on the target. The extravagant Wright came on stage on Tuesday evening before his 4-2 win against Damon Heta not only in a colorful Christmas outfit with printed candles and balls, but also with a mouth and nose protection. The song “Don’t Stop The Party” by Pitbull rang out, and the largely unmasked fans jumped and sang. It was a fitting symbol.

Darts-WM 2022 in London

Third round (“best of seven” sentences):
Gerwyn Price (WAL / 1) Kim Huybrechts (BEL/32) 4:3
Dirk van Duijvenbode (NED/17) Ross Smith (ENG) 4:3
Jonny Clayton (WAL/8) Gabriel Clemens (GER/25) 4:0
Michael Smith (ENG/9) William O’Connor (IRL) 4:2
James Wade (ENG / 4) Vincent van der Voort (NED/29) wo
Martijn Kleermaker (NED) Joe Cullen (ENG / 13) 4:3
Raymond Smith (AUS) Florian Hempel (GER) 4:1
Mervyn King (ENG/21) Steve Lennon (IRL) 4:0
Peter Wright (SCO/2) Damon Heta (AUS / 31) 4:2
Ryan Searle (ENG/15) Danny Noppert (NED / 18) 4:2
Alan Soutar (SCO) Jose de Sousa (POR/7) 4:3
Callan Rydz (ENG) Nathan Aspinall (ENG/10) 4:0
Chris Dobey (ENG/30) Michael van Gerwen (NED/3) wo
Luke Humphries (ENG/19) Dave Chisnall (ENG/14) wo
Gary Anderson (SCO/6) Ian White (ENG/27) Wednesday
Rob Cross (ENG/11) Daryl Gurney (NIR/22) 4:3
Second round (“Best of five” sentences):
Gerwyn Price (WAL / 1) Ritchie Edhouse (ENG) 3:1
Kim Huybrechts (BEL/32) Steve Beaton (ENG) 3:1
Ross Smith (ENG) Stephen Bunting (ENG/16) 3:2
Dirk van Duijvenbode (NED/17) Boris Kolzow (RUS) 3:2
Jonny Clayton (WAL/8) Keane Barry (IRL) 3:2
Gabriel Clemens (GER/25) Lewy Williams (WAL) 3:0
Michael Smith (ENG/9) Ron Meulenkamp (NED) 3:0
William O’Connor (IRL) Glen Durrant (ENG/24) 3:0
James Wade (ENG / 4) Maik Kuivenhoven (NED) 3:1
Vincent van der Voort (NED/29) Adam Hunt (ENG) 3:0
Joe Cullen (ENG / 13) Jim Williams (WAL) 3:2
Martijn Kleermaker (NED) Simon Whitlock (AUS / 20) 3:1
Florian Hempel (GER) Dimitri Van den Bergh (BEL/5) 3:1
Raymond Smith (AUS) Devon Petersen (RSA/28) 3:0
Steve Lennon (IRL) Krzysztof Ratajski (POL / 12) 3:1
Mervyn King (ENG/21) Ryan Joyce (ENG) 3:2
Peter Wright (SCO/2) Ryan Meikle (ENG) 3:0
Damon Heta (AUS / 31) Luke Woodhouse (ENG) 3:1
Ryan Searle (ENG/15) William Borland (SCO) 3:0
Danny Noppert (NED / 18) Jason Heaver (ENG) 3:1
Jose de Sousa (POR/7) Jason Lowe (ENG) 3:2
Alan Soutar (SCO) Mensur Suljovic (AUS/26) 3:2
Nathan Aspinall (ENG/10) Joe Murnan (ENG) 3:2
Callan Rydz (ENG) Brendan Dolan (NIR/23) 3:0
Michael van Gerwen (NED/3) Chas Barstow (ENG) 3:1
Chris Dobey (ENG/30) Rusty-Jake Rodriguez (OR) 3:2
Dave Chisnall (ENG/14) Mike de Decker (BEL) 3:0
Luke Humphries (ENG/19) Rowby-John Rodriguez (OR) 3:0
Gary Anderson (SCO/6) Adrian Lewis (ENG) 3:1
Ian White (ENG/27) Chris Landman (NED) 3:1
Rob Cross (ENG/11) Raymond van Barneveld (NED) 3:1
Daryl Gurney (NIR/22) Ricky Evans (ENG) 3:1

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