Daniel Ruiz talks about role in Millonarios and defends football in Bogotá, denies laziness, Liga Betplay | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

Daniel Ruiz has been one of the pleasant appearances of the Betplay League, one more reason for the illusion of Millonarios.

The young talent from Bogota has stood out for his talent, his sacrifice, his versatility and a character that has aroused the praise of veterans who work alongside him every day, such as David Macalister Silva.

“Everything I am living in Millonarios is like a dream and on a personal level as well. One day by day I grow as a player, I am learning, watching, seeing players next to me like Mackalister (Silva), Fernando (Uribe) who have quite a journey. important “, said the attacker in the program ‘El Lengua’.

Although he knows that his talent and dedication have been decisive in opening doors, he also believes that he had the use of support at the right time, an opportunity that all the ‘rolos’ do not have: “Bogotano football must be given more opportunity “Believe in football in Bogota. Also remove the fact that Bogota is lazy, that he does not like to train. I think it is more about giving opportunity,” he asked.

That security with which he speaks and demands without fear, on and off the field, has an explanation: “The confidence that the teacher (Gamero) gives us is vital, the confidence has always been noticed. He has known how to take us that is something else importantly, sometimes you want to play every minute, you want to be there all the time, they know more than you do, you have taught us, you have corrected us “.

Ruiz is only 20 years old but he has already earned the undisputed label: “I give Millonarios pause, associative game, is what the teacher asks us a lot, to have speed on the outside, one against one. Millionaires be local or visitor the idea is always the same, “he explained.

It offers sacrifice and is versatile on the court and that has been key in its evolution: “all my life I played more than everything as a midfielder ’10’, in the center. Here I came more to play at the end, to know the position,” he said. the proud bogotano.

Millonarios has this Thursday a definitive challenge for his aspiration to be a finalist in the League: he needs to beat Tolima in El Campín to balance the B home run and continue dreaming. It is the rival to beat. Ruiz will have to show that, under that pressure, he is also capable of making a difference.



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