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Czechs in ECHL: Mandate restarts career and September! Pařík is also doing great Hokej.cz

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There is no farm like a farm. From the AHL, it’s a stone’s throw for NHL-hungry players, especially with the current coronavirus complications. On the other hand, promotion from ECHL to the cream itself is rare. Nevertheless, many players stand in the third highest overseas competition for a chance at a chance. Six Czechs are among them. How have they done so far?

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Jan Mandát
7 matches, 3 + 6, +5 participation, 2 penalty minutes

In March, the International Hockey Federation imposed an unprecedented penalty on striker cocaine for striker Jan Mandát. He must not look at European ice rinks until January 2023. If a native of Jihlava did not want to cut hockey at the age of 26, he had to look for an alternative location overseas after the termination of his contract with Pardubice.

The deal fell three-quarters later, with Mandy slapping Mandate. The Chicago farm preferred hockey quality to off-ice troubles, and the offensive universal, who was still trying to establish himself in the AHL in 2018 and was called to the preparatory camp six years ago by the Avalanche, has so far repaid his new breadwinner.

“The mandate is undoubtedly a talented player, it brings quality. We were looking forward to introducing him to the fans and seeing him compete on the ice, “said Doug Christiansen, coach and general manager in one person, to the club’s website after signing the contract.

“We believe that he deserves another chance, that he has a strong character and that he is a good person. He has to build our trust, but we suspect that he will only bring positives, “added President Larry McQueary.

Kryštof Hrabík
4 matches, 2 + 3, -4 participation, 2 penalty minutes

The undrafted Kladno offspring has almost fully established itself in the AHL this year and has played seventeen games for San Jose. Unfortunately for him, the contract with the Sharks has not yet landed on the table. However, the tall chief and double participant in the Junior World Championships, in a way, also fought for the affection of the Tampa Bay leadership. It is her own team from the ECHL Orlando Solar Bears, in which Hrabík has made four starts so far.

In June of this year, Barracuda decided to offer Hrabík a new contract, before which he released him for a guest appearance in Liberec. In the White Tigers jersey, he was reminded of the premier extra-league hit, but he didn’t manage to do more. In Solar Bears, the competition is not so great and Hrabík playfully achieved an average of more than one point per match with a smaller portion of matches played.

Michal Stínil
9 matches, 2 + 3, 0 participation, 4 penalty minutes

This year, the former forward of the Chomutov Pirates unleashed his career in professional hockey. Last season, he celebrated a degree at the NCAA University, where he scored two goals and five assists in seventeen games at American International College.

Stínil is still relatively good at establishing men’s hockey in the Wichita Thunder team, which has been recognizing its superior organization in the form of Edmonton for four years now. Although he signed the contract only in December, he has already become the most difficult Czech skater of the year within ECHL.

Lukáš Pařík
14 matches, Ø 2.19 goals / match, 93.3% percentage

The biggest future of the Czechs who took part in ECHL this year is probably waiting for Lukáš Pařík. The LA Kings pulled him out of the third round of the draft two years ago, when he finished in 87th place overall. And right in the first overseas season among professionals, Pařík managed to reach his full potential. Rapid City Rush gives him space.

As part of the success of the interventions, he is among the goalkeepers from the third league floor in the elite three, the average of the collected goals then earns him the seventh position. At the age of twenty, he has plenty of time to develop, and with Jonathan Quick’s final in Los Angeles approaching, Pařík will soon sniff at least the AHL. He also has a valid contract in Ontario.

Jiří Patera
10 matches, Ø 2.69 goals / match, 91% percentage

Jiří Patera owns slightly worse numbers from domestic goalkeepers in ECHL. He still worked in České Budějovice, only to end the season with seven matches for Henderson. He also won one start in the AHL this year, but after last year he is experiencing a slight decline in terms of what the competition is catching.

Maybe just such an impulse might come in handy for Pater. Vegas certainly did not forget the pupil of Prague’s Slavia, because she has signed a $ 800,000 contract with him. If the 161st Man of the 2017 Draft remains patient, sooner or later a door other than the one at Fort Wayne Komets will open.

“It simply came to our notice then. I would like to establish myself on the farm and if it fails, I will work hard and I would like to win the number one position, “Patera told the České Budějovice website in August 2020.

Tomáš Vomáčka
10 matches, Ø 2.98 goals / match, 90.2% percentage

Since goalkeeper Tomáš Vomáčka won the title for the strangest draft draft of 2017, he managed one year in the USHL and another three in the junior NCAA. This year, Nashville was convinced that he could offer him a contract and wait to see if this talent would turn into a really good goalkeeper. They have good experience with Czech masked men in Nashville, Tomáš Vokoun or Marek Mazanec know their stuff about it.

Five years ago, Vomáčka won the Czech selection for gold at the then Ivan Hlinka Memorial. He also wants to win at ECHL. Even if the stakes at the Florida Everblades did not start badly, they will definitely improve as the time between the sticks increases. Now, however, he is a traveling substitute in the NHL.

The Czech goalkeeper Mario Vráb also appeared in the ECHL this year, but because he watched the events in the Kansas City Mavericks jersey only from the substitute, he is not in the summary.

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