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Coyhaique has the first female black belt in the discipline of Judo

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The activity was attended by the Seremi del Deporte Rodrigo Cubilla Retamal who highlighted the work they did during the year and gave recognition to Camila Lagos, the first judoka woman in the region to obtain the black belt.

The regional authority appreciated the dedication and effort of coach Reinaldo Figueroa to carry out the discipline of judo, adding that »under his direction the region has always obtained important achievements, where there are currently six athletes shortlisted for the Pan American Games, Santiago 2023, judocas who They lead the national ranking with figures such as Jade Ulloa, Noel Muñoz, Camilo Rivera, David Santibáñez, Sebastián Pérez, as well as an important seedbed of emerging athletes, for this reason we wanted to be present at this ceremony to congratulate all the athletes, their Sensei Reinaldo and especially Camila Lagos, who makes us proud and is a reference for many girls and young people in the region “, concluded the Seremi del Deporte.

For her part, Camila Lagos judoka and President of the Marcelo Eastman Club, who took her exam at the Olympic Training Center in Santiago, commented that “in this ceremony for the end of the 2021 activities, tests were carried out on various athletes from the club for the promotion of yellow belts, white, green, blue and brown, we also performed a demonstration of judo techniques, and in my case with the promotion to black belt, which makes me the first woman in the region and the club in the sport of judo to obtain the black belt, it is very exciting to have reached this great dream that I have had since I was a child when at age 10 I started with Sensei in this sport that although it is an individual sport, teamwork is fundamental and in our club we are a great family where I never saw discrimination, I always had the necessary support, I am very happy because I feel empowering and confident towards sporting growth in a martial art, so I invite everyone to move, play sports and fulfill their dreams because with work and perseverance everything can be done », concluded the athlete.

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