Cologne trainer Baumgart: “Kimmich was only honest about vaccinations and had an opinion”

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“Kimmich was only honest about vaccinations and had an opinion”

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Cologne coach Steffen Baumgart is known for his clear opinions

Source: dpa / Swen gatekeeper

National player Joshua Kimmich came under heavy criticism when it emerged that he did not want to be vaccinated. He has now changed his mind. Cologne coach Steffen Baumgart has neither understanding for the criticism nor for the malice that the Bayern star had to put up with.

Trainer Steffen Baumgart from Bundesliga soccer team 1. FC Köln has no understanding for the criticism of national player Joshua Kimmich because of his long hesitation in the question of a corona vaccination. The Bayern professional had triggered a heated debate with his publicly expressed concerns, but now wants to be vaccinated after having survived the corona infection.

“I would have supported Joshua Kimmich in everything. I couldn’t understand that he was pilloried, ”said Baumgart in an interview with Sport1. “He was just honest and had an opinion.” If people acted as moral apostles and wanted to explain the world as it was, then he had a problem with that because it wasn’t like that, explained the 49-year-old. Kimmich is not the only one in Germany who has a problem with the situation.

“We also had players who were vaccinated late. You can’t leave these guys out in the rain, “said Baumgart and emphasized:” I think it’s much more important that Kimmich made a decision. Otherwise I am of course in favor of the vaccination. “

Baumgart had come to 1. FC Köln before this season and led the Rhinelander to eighth place at the end of the first half of the season after they had only saved themselves from relegation in the previous season from relegation. Among other things, the trainer commented on his work: “Our job is also about staying human. That is more important than anything else. “

The ex-professional is looking forward to Christmas because the whole family is together. “It’s about being happy. You can calm down and ask yourself ‘Are you doing so well or so badly?’ In most cases you are better off than you think, ”said the Rostock native.




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