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Cocaine to blame violence explosion in England’s stadiums – soccer

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The European Championship final riots in London showed it: England’s football has a problem of violence. Cocaine is said to play a crucial role.

Fans stormed Wembley Stadium before kick-off. Some of them, with success, watched the game without a valid ticket. After England’s defeat against European champions Italy, there were mass brawls. Terrifying videos went around the world after the final of the EURO.

A report by the UK association FA suggests that cocaine played a major role in escalating the situation. This puts the FA in the same vein as the Premier League clubs, which are watching the illegal drug use in their stadiums with great concern. A report by the “Sun” makes it clear: Cocaine is widespread in the largest English stadiums and probably serves as a fire accelerator for the increasing problem of violence.

In the past two years, the number of incidents of violence around the arenas has increased by 45 percent. As a reminder: In the same period of time, fans were sometimes not allowed in the stadiums due to the corona pandemic, or only a limited number.

The English newspaper examined the toilets at the first division clubs Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Brighton and Hove Albion, Chelsea and Arsenal. The result: 44 of the 58 surfaces examined showed traces of cocaine.

The clubs are aware of this problem. It is considered how to make the consumption of illegal drugs as difficult as possible for fans. Possible innovations: a liquid film on toilet surfaces, more sniffer dogs on match days, harsher punishments for the convicted fans. English football wants to avoid situations like the hooligans’ wedding in the 80s, and cocaine has been identified as a decisive factor.

The problem: fans can easily smuggle the sachets with the white powder into the stadium. Insiders want to know that many people simply consume the drug in their seats. The “Sun” quotes a study according to which 30 percent of stadium visitors witnessed cocaine use on match days.

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