The number of registrants on the official YouTube video distribution site of Chunichi exceeded 100,000 in November. Kazuyoshi Tatsunami (52) was appointed as the new director at the end of October. According to the team officials, he energetically took the lead from the autumn camp and distributed the video, which led to the expectations and appeal of the fans who could not watch the game with the new Corona Severe.

Not only on YouTube, but also in the comment section of online news and information distribution, there are many posts to Tatsunami. I asked how the commander looked at the comments.

“Sometimes I see it myself. But I don’t look at bad comments, I just look at good comments (laughs). I’m curious if criticisms are written because I’m human. That’s normal these days. I might have been more concerned at the beginning. I can’t. “

Fuku of Chunichi complained of intimidation in the comment section on SNS through contract renewal and practice. Fuku said, “Severe comments (on SNS) are encouraging, but don’t say” die “,” kill “or denial of personality. It will be good for the players, “he said, and he was accepted by the police.

The director doesn’t care about the comment section, but he is saddened by the attacks made by the comments on the players. “It’s a trend to write things that you don’t say. The person who wrote them also has a family. It’s a good story if you don’t see it, but I want you to think about what you think.”

With the inauguration of Director Tatsunami, attention to China and Japan is increasing. Next season will start on March 25th next year. It is the true departure of Tatsunami Chunichi. Since it is a game, there are naturally wins and losses. The SNS problem that not only the players but also the director speaks. I hope that the related comments from China and Japan will be softened.[Chunichi charge Daisuke Ito]