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Christmas surprise in the Rees refugee home – nrz.de

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The Maltese gave small gifts to 30 children in the Rees accommodation. The organization is asking for more donors.

The children of the Rees refugee facility could now look forward to a special surprise. The Maltese member Ralf Jansen disguised himself as Santa Claus and gave each child a little something. This was made possible by the pastoral officer Barbara Bohnen and the local Caritas. The 30 refugee children were very happy to receive the little gifts. The Haldern Judo Club donated chocolate saints and each child was given an age-appropriate toy or a useful little item.

There are only a few supporters left

The Maltese complain that it is becoming increasingly difficult to give the refugee families a little joy and to find financial support. In recent years, the Stadtgarten Apotheke with owner Esther Beckmann and the Malteser staff have ensured that the children of the facility do not end up empty-handed at Christmas.

Volunteer coordinator Sebastian Hiller told the NRZ that he would be happy if business people or entrepreneurs would also support the new care association of the ZUE next year. Contact is possible at [email protected] or 0177/5037633.

Thanks to the donors

At the same time, the Maltese would like to thank the local people for their great support and local foundations such as the Sparkasse Foundation, the XII Apostle Foundation and the St. Martinus Foundation.

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