Chris Paul has started in his 1,119 career games, the bench is a concept for CP3

A month after overtaking Steve Nash in the all-time ranking of caviar distributors, Chris Paul recorded another achievement on his hunting roster when he scored against the Hornets (136-106). CP3 is now in its 1119th game – and still as a starter – since the start of his career. No player had chained such a series in the past, so this is a new NBA record.

The Suns (24-5) are with the Warriors atop the Western Conference, the Valley Boys are determined to prove that their last season was no accident and, for that, a conductor of the caliber of Chris Paul is essential. After breaking the franchise’s winning streak record and helping lift it to the top of the league, he can now add 1,119 career games to his CV with the full starter. How is this special? Quite simply because no player had started a career with more than 1,118 consecutive games as a starter. Even a LeBron James experienced the bench once in Cleveland (in 2008). The record belonged to Patrick Ewing and the Knicks legend is now surpassed by the Point God.

Longest series of matches played as a starter since the start of their career:

  • Chris Paul – 1119 matches

  • Patrick Ewing – 1118 matchs

  • Carmelo Anthony – 1054 matchs

  • Kevin Durant – 866 games

  • Dikembe Mutombo – 856 matchs

There is no doubt that this is a great achievement for Chris Paul, and his incredible longevity has certainly played a role in it, that longevity which is quite often envied on the side of the comrades of his draft class (2005). “I’m a little jealous that he still shines,” said Deron Williams recently. D-Will was drafted third, just ahead of CP3 which was drafted fourth by the Pelicans. Since then, Deron Williams has retired from the NBA and Chris Paul? He continues to smash records and become more involved in the conversation of the best point guard. To come back to the record, we notice despite everything that the history goes back only to 1970, when the matches played as holders started to be counted. This means that all the players who have played before are automatically excluded, just like a certain Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who started in 1969. and who is suddenly missing a few lines of stats. Too bad for the old ones, so much the better for CP3.

Chris Paul has started his 1,119 career games and no other player (within the limits of League history books) has done so well. New proof of longevity for the Point God, all that remains to be validated with the last element that is missing: a ring.

Source texte : Crazy Stats


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