Chris Hemsworth shared the action scene he did with his son: he included a bow and arrow | Famous

Together with their little ones, the actor couple usually enjoy multiple sports such as surfing, skateboarding, riding motorcycles, horseback riding and more activities where their children have shown that they have an adventurous spirit and they also enjoy action and adrenaline like what does your dad.

In this vein, Chris recently showed that another of the adrenaline-fueled activities he shares with one of his twins is archery, but with a twist: with his 7-year-old son almost aiming for his head.

Chris Hemsworth showed the stunt scene with a bow and arrow he did with his son

Under the warning “Do not try this at home”, Chris Hemsworth shared with his fans the stunt that “a couple of lunatics”, a phrase he used to refer to him and his son, carried out with a bow, an arrow and a bottle in their head.

In just five seconds, Chris’s son showed his great aim and dexterity by shooting with his arrow the bottle that was on his father’s head, who celebrated his son’s achievement with a great shout.

The surprising action was actually the result of the perseverance of little Chris, who tried more than 60 times to get the bottle down with his rubber arrow.

“Don’t try this at home. He took 63 shots to the back of the head before he pulled it off. It was worth it. This stunt was performed by a couple of lunatics with complete disregard for their own safety. #Fathersonbonding (don’t worry, it was a rubber arrow ) “Chris wrote in his video caption.

His publication quickly received a lot of love from his followers, who not only applauded the talent of his 7-year-old son, but also warned that more than being the next Thor, Chris’s character in the Marvel universe, his little one is the next Hawkeye, Avenger played by Jeremy Renner who is an extraordinary archer with perfect aim).



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