Chivas closes 2021 with a 3-2 win over Necaxa

Guadalajara /

Chivas lost 2-0 at minute 77 against Necaxa in Aguascalientes, but The people from Guadalajara showed courage in the last minutes and with a double by Ángel Zaldívar and a goal by Alexis Vega they gave their people joy. Withering somersault and Chivas closes 2021 with a 3-2 win.

Marcelo Michel Leaño sent Gudiño to goal; Cisneros, Sepúlveda, Olivas and Ponce integrating the line of four; the three in the middle were Flores, Torres and Angulo, while the attacker was composed by Vega and Zaldívar.

The first half of the Chivas headlines was of few dangerous arrivals, just two attempts, a shot at the arc by Torres and another by Brizuela into the clouds, it was all the danger of the rojiblancos in the first half.

For the complement the flock was more, and quickly they had two clear, but the ball did not want to enter.

Angulo and Flores had the goal, very clear, but they failed, Necaxa sent it to save at the first time. It was an assist from Valdivia and Medina ordered it to be saved. Necaxa with very little was already beating the Flock with less than 20 minutes ahead.

At 76 ‘Escoboza scored the second of the Rayos defining very well on the departure of Gudiño.

When it seemed that it was a sure defeat, the Flock revived with a penalty that Zaldívar charged in good form at 81 ‘.

The rojiblanco spirit was lit and the canterano scored his double at 87 with a header.

The people from Guadalajara knew they could win the victory from the locals and with a counterattack they turned 90 ‘. Vega cleared two rivals and from outside the area took a powerful shot that embedded the ball at the corner.





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