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China’s three-person basketball 2021: look forward to a new take-off after a year of leap_Olympics_Yin Zhe_WCBA

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In the Tokyo Olympics women’s three-player basketball bronze medal match, defeated the French team 16:14 and won the bronze medal. This was also China’s first three-player basketball Olympic medal. Image source: ICphoto

Chinanews, Beijing, December 31st Question: 2021 of China’s three-person basketball: after the year of leapfrogging, look forward to a new take-off

Over the past few years, three-person basketball, which has been going uphill, has gradually become a brand new business card for Chinese sports. In 2021, with the glorious moment of the Chinese women’s three-player basketball reaching the Olympic podium and the national men’s three-player basketball Super League (hereinafter referred to as the “Super Three League”) set sail, China’s three-player basketball has achieved a leap.

Led by the Chinese Basketball Association to host three-person basketball tournaments in China, its history can be traced back to 2004. Yin Zhe, deputy director of the three-person basketball department of the Chinese Basketball Association, believes that 2021 is a very important year in the development of the past 17 years.

With the postponed Tokyo Olympics as the core, the coming 2021 will be a major sports year, and it is also a historic opportunity to greatly increase the visibility and influence of the project. China’s three-person basketball has taken advantage of this shareholder spirit.

This leap is inseparable from the outstanding performance of the national team. Throughout the Tokyo Olympic cycle, the performance of China’s three national basketball teams is remarkable: the women’s team, after being crowned the world champion in 2019, ranked among the top three in this summer’s Olympics; the men’s team also locked in the Olympic qualifications early. Although the results are a little regrettable, they still used two victories to inject a boost from the trough of Chinese men’s basketball.

On July 28, local time, in the women’s three-person basketball bronze medal match at the Tokyo Olympics, the Chinese three-person women’s basketball team defeated the French team 16-14 and won the bronze medal in the women’s three-person basketball. The US team won the championship and the Russian Olympic Committee won the runner-up. The picture shows the award ceremony.Photo by China News Agency reporter Du Yang

Especially with the precious bronze medals won by the three-person women’s team in the Tokyo Olympics, Chinese basketball has returned to the Olympic podium for the first time in 29 years. This is of special significance for the development of China’s three-person basketball and even the development of Chinese basketball.

These achievements have enabled China’s three-person basketball career to continue to maintain a positive development trend, and also injected new momentum into the continued promotion of the project in the future.

With the appearance of three-person basketball in the Olympics and the continuous setting of events in the National Games, “basketball” has been redefined to some extent.

“Usually, basketball only refers to five-man basketball. Through repositioning, the meaning of basketball is more diverse. It includes five-man basketball and three-man basketball. This is a historic change and a milestone.”

On July 24, local time, Chinese player Hu Jinqiu (middle) was pulled up by his teammates. On the same day, a three-person basketball match for the Tokyo Olympics was held at the Qinghai City Sports Park in Tokyo.Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita

However, from the perspective of systematic construction, three-person basketball cannot be compared with five-person basketball. It is still in the process of self-iteration and improvement. In Yin Zhe’s view, as members of the big basketball family, three-person basketball and five-person basketball will develop together.

“The sports attributes of the two are not the same, and the operation mode has changed greatly due to the different rules. Based on the high requirement of anaerobic metabolism in three-person basketball, the rhythm of offensive and defensive conversion is faster, and it requires higher physical fitness for participating players. But the training methods and methods of basketball are the same. I think that participants can make their own choices at a certain age, which is more in line with objective laws.”

Easy to develop and promote, this is one of the advantages of three-person basketball. From the 2010 Youth Olympic Games on the world stage for the first time, to the FIBA ​​as a separate event in 2012 to promote, and then to 2017 as an official Olympic Games event, the rapid development of three-person basketball is eye-catching. This objectively reflects its popularity worldwide.

In the “China Basketball Development Report” released by the Chinese Basketball Association a few days ago, the domestic core basketball population has reached about 76.1 million, which contributes a considerable proportion of the three-person basketball project with lower requirements on the venue.

Data map: Three-to-three has a broad mass base

Statistics show that in 2018, the number of three-person basketball matches hosted by the Chinese Basketball Association has reached 55,000, which doubled to 110,000 in 2019, with direct participants between 800,000 and 1 million.

However, the epidemic has caused an impact on China’s three-person basketball career, which is driving on the fast lane of development, especially in the mass market, causing the number of domestic three-person basketball games to drop sharply. In this process, the Chinese Basketball Association has carried out many explorations, and the “three-person basketball club classic” is one of them. It is not only the predecessor of the current Super Three League, but also a practice of the Chinese Basketball Association to launch professional tournaments.

The long-awaited Super League III officially set sail this month, with a prize of 6 million yuan. As a transition, a total of 21 teams have been invited to participate this season, of which 10 are the best players who have participated in the three-man basketball competition of the Basketball Association before, and the other 11 are newcomers.

The “zero to one” attempt is another milestone in the development of China’s three-person basketball. Yin Zhe revealed that since the start of the event, many clubs have expressed a strong desire to participate. This undoubtedly releases a positive signal, so the setting of a multi-level league is possible.

On September 19, in the women’s under-19 three-player basketball match of the 14th National Games held in Xi’an, Shaanxi, the Henan team defeated the Sichuan team 11:10. The picture shows the Chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association Yao Ming watching the match.Photo by China News Agency reporter An Yuan

“At the level of competitive sports, as the fourth largest professional league under the Chinese Basketball Association after CBA, WCBA, and NBL, the Super League will be the most important platform for talent selection in the future; at the level of mass sports, through the construction of multi-level leagues, it continues to emerge The professional clubs will be like seeds, promoting and driving the development of three-person basketball projects in various places.” I hope that the professional league will be used as an opportunity to let more people understand three-person basketball, and at the same time expand the scope of participation and open up channels for promotion, in order to gather for the national team More talents.

Entering the new year, the new Olympic cycle, China’s three-person basketball is also facing new challenges.

With the increasing number of participants, relying solely on the strength of the Chinese Basketball Association has been unable to fully cover the needs of the masses. The focus of the Chinese Basketball Association’s work in the field of three-person basketball will shift from taking the lead in organizing events to guiding and certifying social events, incorporating various events into a unified system.

At the same time, FIBA ​​will soon announce new scoring algorithm rules, which will directly affect the future development direction of the project. China’s three-person basketball still needs to be adjusted in time to build a new development framework.

But no matter how the points rules are adjusted, three-person basketball, as a sport, always conforms to its objective laws-only the direction of competition and the direction of the masses can be maintained in a long-term development trend.

Upper decision decided by the economic background. Only by building a solid foundation and building a broader mass base can the national team at the apex of the pyramid provide more room for selection and then enhance its head competitiveness. Not only that, when the top blossoms and bears fruit, it will surely attract more people’s attention and participate in it, and this will form a virtuous circle. For example, with the Olympic bronze medal of the women’s team, three-person basketball has gained a high degree of attention in China, and it has become popular on social networks for a while.

On the evening of July 28, in the bronze medal match of the women’s three-person basketball in the Tokyo Olympics, the Chinese women’s three-person basketball team defeated the French team 16:14 and won the Chinese delegation’s first medal in the event.Photo by China News Agency reporter Du Yang

However, in Yin Zhe’s view, three-person basketball is still in the initial stage of development in China and is not fully known by the public, and the influence of the project needs to be further expanded. He said that popularizing and promoting three-person basketball, increasing the attention and satisfaction of the masses, and establishing a sustainable development mechanism and system are the focus of the project’s promotion.

Specifically, at the competitive level, promote the development of the Super League and the subsequent women’s basketball leagues; secondly, maintain communication with the FIBA, grasp the development trend of the project, and keep up with it in time, such as landing in international competitions, training high-level referees, and guiding high-level referees. Level athletes emerge, accumulate points, etc.; the third is to gradually promote the three-person basketball tournament certification system to provide standardized guidance and services for social events, thereby increasing the base of the participating population.

On the whole, after years of hard work and accumulation, the popularity of China’s three-person basketball continues to increase, and at the same time it has its own star players. The extensive participation of social forces in the Super Three League shows that three-person basketball is easily integrated with other formats and cultures, and will also stimulate more possibilities for this project.

After the leap in 2021, China’s three-person basketball is gradually entering a new stage of development. (Finish)Return to Sohu to see more


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