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China Women’s Volleyball Team’s 40th Anniversary Forum for the First World Championship was held in Chenzhou

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Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team Chenzhou Bamboo Shed Training Hall opened

The 40th Anniversary Symposium on Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team’s First World Championship was held in Chenzhou

Hunan Daily, December 27th (all media reporter Yan Shidun correspondent Chen Zhijie) On December 27th, the 40th anniversary of the Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team’s first world championship held by the Provincial Sports Bureau and the Chenzhou Municipal Party Committee was held in Chenzhou. The Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team was held in Chenzhou The bamboo shed training hall was opened at the same time.

In 1979, Chenzhou was selected as the training base for the Chinese women’s volleyball team. In a makeshift bamboo shed in Beihu Park, the women’s volleyball girls started a “devil-style” training camp. Two years later, in the third Women’s Volleyball World Cup in 1981, the Chinese women’s volleyball team won the championship for the first time. The Chinese women’s volleyball team started from the Chenzhou Bamboo Shed Training Center and opened the “five consecutive championships” era, nurturing and forming the women’s volleyball spirit of “the motherland is supreme, unity and cooperation, tenacious struggle, and never give up”, becoming an important component of the spiritual pedigree of the Chinese Communists part.

In September of this year, the Provincial Sports Bureau entrusted the Chenzhou Municipal Government to rebuild the Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team Bamboo Shed Training Hall and implement a “turnkey” project. On the original site of the Chinese Women’s Volleyball Training Hall, the city has restored the Chinese Women’s Volleyball Training Hall according to the original scale, structure, craftsmanship, and materials, and completed the exhibition in the hall.

In recent years, in order to promote the spirit of women’s volleyball and build a famous sports city, Chenzhou has continuously improved its sports planning system and infrastructure. It has successively built Shizhuyuan Youth Football Base, Swimming and Diving Center, tennis courts, badminton courts, Chenzhou National Women’s Volleyball Training Base and Chengnan All People Fitness center etc. Successfully held major sports events such as the China (Chenzhou) International Women’s Volleyball Classic, the Tour of China International Road Cycling Tournament, and the National Rally Championship.

Inspired by the spirit of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, the Chen nationality athletes have worked hard on the court to add glory to the country. A number of world champions such as Yi Siling, Zhang Wangli, Hou Zhihui, and Shi Yiting have emerged.


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