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RIZIN“or”K-1“And so onMartial artseventIs popular, and Japan has been a country where karate and judo have been popular for a long time.EverydayTV setAnd celebrities you see in magazinesMartial artsIt seems that there are more experienced people than expected.
So this time, actuallyMartial artsWho is the celebrity who was surprised to know that he had experience withquestionnaireAndRankingI tried it.

3rd placeTakagi Boo

2nd place Namie Amuro

First place ???
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First place is “Toda Erika」!

Middle schoolAfter graduation, start full-scale entertainment activitiesstartdeath,year 2006ToscreendebutThe movie “death note』Attention.Next day2007forDramaLiar Game』(Fuji TV system), And has appeared in many topical works since then.

date of birth:1988August 17
place of birth:Hyogo prefecture

Martial artsShorinji Kempo

Second place is “Namie Amuro」!

1992ToGirlZugroupSUPER MONKEY’S“ofmemberAsdebutthe year 1995Torelease“TRY ME ~ Believe in me ~” is bighitTo record.Many since thenhitCreate a song,2018He retired in September, though he was missed.

date of birth:1977September 20
place of birth:Okinawa Prefecture

Martial arts: Ryukyu Karate

3rd place is “Takagi Boo」!

UniversityAfter graduation1964ToComicbandThe Drifters“ofmemberWill be.19691985The same that was broadcast overbandofVarietyprogram”It’s 8 o’clock!All-Member Assembly』(TBS Department) ThencomicalAs a supporting roleAudienceWas loved by.

date of birth:1933 yearsMarch 8
place of birth:Tokyo
BelonginggroupThe DriftersTakagi BooWhennewHarona

Martial artsboxing

2021Broadcast from July to SeptemberDramaPolice in a Pod~ Fight! Police in a Pod ~ ”(Nippon Television) In translation, a new popular actress was selected as the first place in the memory of the detective on one’s mindRanking results from 4th to 60thPlease also take a look.

You are actuallyMartial artsHow many celebrities were surprised to know that they had experience withRank・ Did you come in?

Toda Erika|1988Born / 8/17 | Female |AB type|Hyogo prefecturewhere one is from)
Takagi Boo|193Born 3/3/8 | Male | B type |Tokyowhere one is from)

Survey method:gooRankingThe editorial department said “FreeasymonitorAgainstquestionnaireAnd aggregated the results.

voteTotal number: Number of valid respondents:500First name (men and women in their 20s and 40s: multiple answers)
Investigation period:2021September 282021September 28

Celebrity rankings that are surprising to know that they have experience in martial arts




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