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Caussade. Satisfactory end-of-year review for the young teams

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At the start of this new 2021-22 season, the members of the Caussadais Basket Athletic Sport (SACB) steering committee hoped to find the many licensees from recent seasons and the gymnasiums for a full season.

This hope will be partly fulfilled with the return and arrival of around 200 licensees. A flourishing basketball school, made up of around 60 licensees, will make it possible to compose 3 teams in U 7, U 9 and U 11 in the championship. The young teams have regained levels of play equivalent to the last seasons with 2 U 13 female teams, 3 U 13 male teams, 2 U 15 female teams, 1 U 17 male team and 1 U 18 female team.

The club is represented, at the highest regional level, by the U 15 women’s team which plays in the Occitanie championship. During the first leg, the group coached by Hugo Rabot showed a lot of commitment, but the level is very high and the team, despite quality meetings, is always looking for a first success.

Team 1 of the U 13 women Caussade / Montpezat, under the leadership of Alexia Larroque, has had a remarkable season in the regional division 2. A first phase of mixing which will allow it to evolve at this level, with 2 victories and 1 defeat. The championship phase is going perfectly with an unbeaten leader’s place with 4 wins in 4 matches, including 2 away.

Team 1 of the men’s U 13, which qualified on the wire for regional level 3, does not have the same success. Poured into a very tough hen, she must fight every weekend with her good will. This group, coached by Madelis Goubeau, is always looking for a first success.

The Caussade / Montpezat women’s U 18 team, after a very interesting mixing phase which will allow it to qualify for the interdepartmental level, achieves a remarkable first phase of the championship in a pool where, however, all the teams seem of equal value . Thomas Goubeau’s troops are in first place, unbeaten with 4 wins in 4 matches, including 2 away.

The male U 17s, transferred to an interdepartmental pool, only had 2 matches to play in the championship phase, taking into account the postponements. Tom Vastesaeger’s group is in fourth place out of six with 1 victory and 1 loss in 2 games.

The teams 2 and 3 of the categories U 13 men, U 13 women and U 15 women play in a departmental championship. Often made up of novice players, they perform very interesting performances, without however occupying the top of the table.

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