Caravan and madness at the airport by Deportivo Cali!

Impressive what the fans of Deportivo Cali before the team’s trip to Ibagué!

Deportivo Cali will play a very important game in Tolima territory and its fans, after the massive accompaniment in the stadium for the first leg in the final, made themselves felt prior to the rematch.

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From the departure of the team concentration at its headquarters until the arrival at the airport to get on the plane, thousands of fans of the green and white team were giving their encouragement. A total support that was thanked by Rafael Dudamel on social networks and that did not go unnoticed on social networks.

The videos of the fans of Deportivo Cali

The road from Pance to the Alfonso Bonilla Aragón airport had the Deportivo Cali bus escorted by hundreds of vehicles, motorcycles, flags, shouts and more: “Come, come, sing with me, that you are going to find a friend. That hand in hand, of the boys, we are all going to turn around ”, was one of the chants of the fans to the team that is looking for the tenth star for the team.

Deportivo Cali reached the final with Rafael Dudamel as DT. He left Atlético Nacional and Junior on the road in the home runs. In the final they already played the first leg and tied it 1-1. Now he will seek victory in Ibagué with a squad that has, among others, the already crowned BetPlay II-2021 League Scorer: Hárold Preciado.




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