Home basketball Cantù, Cusin gives charge to the environment «Winning in Treviglio. And then fly high “

Cantù, Cusin gives charge to the environment «Winning in Treviglio. And then fly high “

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Cantù, Cusin gives the environment a boost

«Winning in Treviglio. And then fly high ”

The “essay” of Cantù Basketball to his teammates: “The first place will favor us in the second leg and in the Italian Cup”

“Winning in Treviglio will be very important: not only for the first place, but also to launch Cantù in the second round”. Marco Cusin “the wise man”, the expert of the group, an added captain would almost say for past, experience and leadership pulls the sprint at S.Bernardo-Cinelandia Park.

The long man from Cantù basketball recently extended his contract until the end of the season, thus extending the initial agreement by two months. And he is increasingly involved in a season that Cantù wants to face as a protagonist.

A match at the end of the first round – Sunday 2 January at 6 pm on the Treviglio field – for a final round that is giving away the honorary title not only of winter champions. And it is something more than a simple recognition, because the first place will guarantee a better positioning in the Final Eight of the Italian Cup from 11 to 13 March: “We are very focused on the challenge, which will be complicated: Treviglio plays excellent basketball . We have resumed training after the Christmas break, we are energized. An effort is still needed: we will play in Treviglio, our “competitor” Udine in Orzinuovi. We have to keep the antennas high ».

The dynamics change

The reason is soon said: «I also talked about it to my comrades. The second round is different, a new championship opens up. The teams improve, in attack and defense, there will also be surprises and difficult teams to face. We then live with some more difficulties: everyone wants to beat Cantù first in the standings and they play without pressure. Also in the return we will face some important direct clashes away ».

The recipe for “Cuso” is simple, more said than done obviously: «We must understand that if we want to excel again, we must grow as individuals and as a group. We must always work well and to the maximum, moreover we must be accompanied by the luck of being able to feel good together, with ten players always at complete disposal. On the pitch, we will have to fight every Sunday, even if we are aware that a defeat will come sooner or later: obviously I would be happy to never lose, but I see it a bit tough… So far we have lost two games for a wrong approach: no more gifts ».

“We have to improve”

For Cusin, this second Canturina experience of his is marked by applause and approval from the public: «I thank those who allowed me to extend and stay here until the end of the season. I’m really happy, the group is a fantastic group. The staff does a lot of work but always with a smile. And I thank the audience: it’s nice to hear the encouragement, even at 36. I would like to see even more charge towards us: I know the Canturini fans well, I know they can help us in times of difficulty. We know that we need to improve, that we can’t afford certain breaks, but I think it’s right that they support us. Then, at the end, the spectators are free to express an opinion, even with a few whistles ».

And do you think about the Coppa Italia? «Yes, but the Final Eight is still a long time away. We think a lot more about Treviglio and to improve in order to keep up with the rhythm of Udine which, after losing with us, has found an excellent rhythm ».


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