BWF World Tour Finals 2021 Results, Greysia/Apriyani Silence Thailand’s Representative

BALI, – Greysia Polii/Apriyani Rahayu managed to beat Thailand’s women’s doubles, Jongkolphan Kititharakul/Rawinda Prajongjai, in the first match of Group A BWF World Tour Finals 2021, Wednesday (1/12/2021) noon WIB.

Competing at the Bali International Convention Centre, Greysia/Apriyani as the only Indonesian women’s doubles won a straight game after 37 minutes of fighting.

In the first game, Greysia/Apriyani appeared very aggressive and solid from the start.

Greysia/Apriyani’s performance stats are very good because they never lag behind the Thai pair throughout the first game.

The points earned by Greysia/Apriyani were never even equaled by Jongkolphan/Rawinda. That aggressiveness made Greysia/Apriyani managed to lock the first game with a 21-15 victory.

Continuing to the second game, Greysia/Apriyani did not relax the intensity of their attacks. Greysia/Apriyani managed to make it difficult for Jongkolphan/Rawinda to develop the game.

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As a result, Greysia/Apriyani again never fell behind until they managed to win again 21-12 in the second game.

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This victory further emphasized the dominance of Greysia/Apriyani over Jongkolphan/Rawinda to 8-1.

Not only that, the victory also brought Greysia/Apriyani to the top of Group A.

Greysia/Apriyani temporarily only have a point difference over the South Korean women’s doubles, Kim Soyeong/Kong Heeyong, who are in second place in Group A.

The course of the Greysia/Apriyani Vs Jongkolphan/Rawinda match:

Greysia/Apriyani, who took the initiative to attack first, managed to take a 4-1 lead early in the first game.

The fourth point for the Indonesian pair was created by Greysia Polii through a hard smash in front of the net.

Not many long rallies were created at the beginning of the first gym.

Greysia / Apriyani this time were very free to attack because the Thai pair often lifted the ball back.

That makes Greysia/Apriyani get many opportunities to release smashes.

One hard smash from Apriyani towards Jongkolphan then sent the Indonesian pair away 8-2.

Another factor that made Greysia/Apriyani managed to get far ahead of the Thai pair was their solid defense.

The Thai pair often make their own mistakes, especially when they clash with drives in front of the net.

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Greysia/Polii who continued to attack managed to maintain their lead up to 11-4 at the interval.

“The impressive performance of Greysia/Apriyani,” said BWF commentator, Steen Pedersen, after Greysia/Apriyani got the 11th point.

After the break, Greysia/Apriyani and Jongkolphan/Rawinda were immediately involved in a 52-stroke long rally.

The rally ended with Rawinda’s hard smash towards Greysia Polii. The Thai pair then managed to score two straight points to cut their gap to 8-12.

Seeing Jongkolphan/Rawinda starting to rise, Greysia/Apriyani immediately increased the intensity of their attacks.

Greysia/Apriyani this time tried to reduce lifting the ball to avoid a long rally.

As a result, the Thai couple again often made their own mistakes.

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There were three Thai pair hitting the net on the way from 12-8 to 16-10 for Greysia/Apriyani’s lead.

Greysia/Apriyani finally managed to lock the first game with a 21-15 victory.

The winning points for the Indonesian pair in the first game were created by Apriyani Rahayu through a hard cross smash.

Continuing on to the second game, Greysia/Apriyani and Jongkolphan/Rawinda attacked each other to a 3-3 draw.

Greysia/Apriyani then managed to take control of the game and scored six consecutive points to move away 9-3.

The Greysia/Apriyani game this time was much more aggressive, especially in front of the net.

Greysia/Apriyani several times managed to score points after successfully cutting back the ball returned by the Thai pair in front of the net.

Greysia/Apriyani continued to maintain their lead up to 11-5 at the interval.

Continuing after the break, Greysia/Polii continued to appear aggressive. Greysia/Polii finally managed to beat the Thai pair with a score of 21-12.

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