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Burke and Gardner are gold for a Uni that ends the year on a good footing

by archysport

They are different players. Higher than the rest if they fit, or at least approach, to their best version. If they do, this is an irrefutable fact. Few are like Kennedy Burke and Rebekah Gardner in the Women’s League. Between the two, they crushed the enthusiasm of Baxi Ferrol, powerful from the triple (13 was right last night) but unable to stop the two Americans. With them, there was no party. They marked the differences, scoring 48 of the 94 points of the Spar Girona, which ended the year with a victory without discussion. The party was joined by Michaela Onyenwere, a player with enormous potential, who shows in every game the reasons that made her shine in the last edition of the WNBA. The day was not round because the announced debut of Magali Mendy will have to wait. The transfer did not arrive on time and the Frenchwoman had to look at it from a distance.

A well-known headache for Alfred Julbe, that of having to face a game with only eight pieces and, therefore, a too short rotation. But so far it has turned out well enough and yesterday was no exception. The test is true that it was not as demanding as other times. Not much less than the Euroleague exams. However, Ferrol faced off and even in the third quarter, they came close on the scoreboard (47-55), making Julbe himself have to ask for a timeout. Nothing, however, endangered the victory. A triumph that smelled as the minutes passed, but to catch it, it was necessary to cut stone while adapting to the virtues of the opponent and replacing the casualties, which were not few because Eldebrink is still out combat and Binta Drammeh did not play to not be one hundred percent.

And that Uni wanted to go for entry work, imposing a high pace. Inaccuracies multiplied, but the baskets fell quickly. On both sides, because the home team, despite navigating the lower part of the classification, found their best weapon in the triples. They felt alive at the end of the first quarter (14-21) and also at the break (33-45). And more than they believed when they approached 50-57. But here’s the end of the movie. Because Gardner, first, and then Laia Flores, scored two consecutive triples. That outside success that had not found the Spar Girona in the first two quarters, came at the right time. With 50-63, full stop, despite the many minutes that were still ahead.

A placid outcome

Ferrol could only score 12 points in the last quarter. He ran out of gas. And the Uni became strong in defense, changing from being in the zone to making it individual. With legs, despite having few cash, he imposed his physique and especially quality. The difference multiplied and reached thirty. And more than he would have shot, if the game had lasted a while longer. Kennedy Burke was largely to blame for the bleeding. He climbed to 29 points and caught 11 rebounds. The 42 rating points were well deserved. He was lethal in attack, but also putting his hands up, because he stole up to 4 balls. Rebekah Gardner joined in, much more aesthetically pleasing, elegant. 19 points and 7 rebounds, in addition to handing out 4 assists; one of them, delicious for Labuckiene to write down. Both had fun and enhanced the virtues of their team, which closes 2021 in the best possible way, hoping that the streak will be extended from next year. And if it can be with Mendy on the track, and soon with Ara├║jo, even better.


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