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Bundesliga: Who it hits how hard – politicians lock out fans again – football

by archysport

In Leipzig, by order of the Saxon government, ghost games are once again a bitter reality. Soon also in Bavaria and probably in Baden-Württemberg.

The Bundesliga is threatened with strong audience restrictions again. Politicians lock out the fans again!

This is the result of the Bund-Länder consultations yesterday. A final decision should not be made until tomorrow.

In Bayern the stadiums will remain completely empty in the future. Prime Minister Markus Söder (54 / CSU) even called for ghost games for everyone. He said: “By the end of the year you should definitely be able to do without a spectator in the professional leagues. We are trying to implement this throughout Germany, but we would go it alone in Bavaria at this point. “

This means: Empty ranks at FC Bayern for the home games against Barcelona (December 8th), Mainz (December 11th) and against Wolfsburg (December 17th).

► Also in Baden-Wuerttemberg the return to ghost games is imminent. According to Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann (73 / Greens) it will be “fairly certain” that games can only take place without an audience.

► In North Rhine-Westphalia if you want to go a different way. Here, the stadiums should be able to be used to capacity up to a third. Prime Minister Hendrik Wüst (46 / CDU): “There shouldn’t be any more pictures like in Cologne.” There were still 50,000 fans in the stadium on Saturday at the derby against Gladbach.

For the Dortmund-Bayern summit on Saturday this means: instead of the planned 67,000, only 26,000 fans would be allowed into the stadium. In this case, the tickets already purchased would lose their validity and the tickets would be reassigned to season ticket holders.

► In Berlin from Monday only 5000 spectators should be allowed at major events.

► New rules in Hessen: From the next home game in Frankfurt (December 12th against Leverkusen), only 15,000 instead of 40,000 spectators will be allowed in.

It’s only been six months since the fans were allowed to return to the stadiums. Now they fly out again …


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