Brutal beating of the Olympic judo champion Margaux Pinot: she denounced her coach and partner

The athlete and Olympic champion denounced her partner and coach for a brutal beating she received. “I thought I was dying,” he posted on social media

The broadcast images are shocking, and show the result of a terrifying event. Her partner and coach allegedly gave her a brutal beating that left her like this.

In this sense, the most disturbing thing about this story is that the reported assault occurred last Saturday and, on Tuesday, the Bobigny Correctional Court acquitted Schmitt for lack of evidence.

Likewise, after the ruling, Pinot, a medalist in Tokyo with the France mixed team, published an explanation of what happened on social networks and uploaded a photo of him with a disfigured face and traces of blood.

The 27-year-old Olympic champion did not hesitate to describe the “slanderous defense” of her partner as above his injuries and “the blood on the floor of his apartment.”

And he wrote on Twitter: “What was missing, death, perhaps? Judo is probably what saved me. I think of those who cannot say the same ”.

In this way, on his Instagram account, he explained what he experienced on the day of the attacks: “During the early hours of Sunday I was the victim of an assault at my home by my partner and coach. I was insulted, beaten, my head hit the ground several times. And finally he strangled me. “

On the other hand, he assured: “I thought I was going to die, I managed to escape to take refuge with my neighbors who immediately called the police. I have multiple injuries, including a broken nose and 10 days of temporary work stoppage. Today the Justice has decided to release him ”.



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