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Brutal 19 points and 16 rebounds from Marc Gasol in his Leb Oro debut

by archysport

The player president has played xx minutes, valuing 39 credits, in which he has dominated as expected of an NBA star in the Spanish second division

Sergio Eguía

It was expected. Marc is one of the best centers in the world. Surely the best passing center in the history of this country. It is worth that he is 36 years old, but he treasures quality to be able to play until he is 80, if the logical physical deterioration of a person allows it. So in his debut in the Leb Oro, in his first game with Girona, what had to happen has happened. The one from Sant Boi has gone to 19 points and 16 rebounds, brutal, in just over 21 minutes on the court. The consequence, an overwhelming victory over Huesca 89-47 Only two failures of the double world champion. A shot of two (shot six times) one of three, in three attempts.

In all fairness, the beating does not come only because of the presence of the little Gasol in the Catalan team. The Huesca came to the duel with only eight players. The board of directors dismissed two players last week and has not replaced them for the meeting that has focused the media attention this week. Girona has an NBA, because it is the owner and founder. The rest of the contenders only distribute losses and debts.


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