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Bruna Rangel shows off her excessively expensive Gucci sneakers

by archysport

25-year-old Bruna Rangel is once again the center of attention of her fans and all for showing off her luxurious Gucci brand tennis shoes, which she modeled as flirtatious in a private jet, making it clear that she is a woman with a lot of style to the time to dress.

For those who do not know, the Gucci brand has become one of the favorites of celebrities and influencer, since its exotic designs leave anyone with a square eye and Bruna Rangel He fell into the temptation of luxury footwear that cost approximately 22,000 pesos, in addition to being too comfortable.

The photo reached more than 45 thousand likes, in addition to several comments of all kinds where they were fascinated by the sporty grape color outfit with which the Brazilian model combined her white Gucci tennis shoes, making a perfect contrast for the photo which was filled with many compliments.

Another of the things for which Bruna Rangel is considered a very attractive woman has always been because of the physique that is totally natural and is that many would think that she is an operated woman, but the reality is that the blonde exercises every day, She also eats very well with a lot of protein and few carbohydrates, as she has to keep her goddess figure intact because she is a public figure.

The beautiful woman is also praised for the professional photos that she takes, that is, whether with formal clothes or a swimsuit, she does everything perfectly and it is something that is applauded because she has never fallen into vulgarity, since she has always tried to take care of each angle, and she has been involved in the world of modeling for several years.

Although many would think that the famous woman has already forgotten her roots because she has lived in Miami for several years, the reality is that whenever she can, she shows off something related to her country, such as posing with flags or an accessory that represents the place where she comes from. , that’s why it has a lot of fans in that place.

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