Borregos returns with everything – El Sol de Puebla

Normality returned in recent months to Borrego Territory, where the conquests on tracks, fields and fields were experienced as before the appearance of COVID-19 in March 2020 throughout the planet. And it is that in the semester of the return to the activity, the woolly ones got on the podium in the Beach Games, the tennis and the chess of the CONDDE.

In the National Tennis Championship of the National Council of Sports for Education, Astrid Fentanes and Mauricio Rivera won gold in the mixed doubles. Rivera, for his part, took the silver medal in the men’s singles.

Fentanes, it should be noted, is one of the talents born in the woolly farms, since he started his career in the white sports academy when he was seven years old. All this under the orders of his current coach at ITESM in Puebla, the Colombian Carlos Suárez Urdinola, who once again, regardless of whether he is CONDDE or CONADEIP, led his team to the top positions.


In addition to the triumphs of Fentanes and Rivera in tennis, Jerónimo Real Pereyra established himself as CONDDE’s national chess champion. He also helped the blue and white team to win first place in the 2021 National Online Chess League.

Regarding the activity of days spent within the Beach Games, the women’s and men’s beach volleyball from ITESM; in addition to rugby, they all got on the podium.

The women’s team made up of Danna Mideli Cortés, Daniela Torres Pimentel and Fernanda Laisha Ángulo won the gold medal in the tournament. For their part, Eli Fernández Alcaraz, Erick Germán Chalpul and Pedro Rosales Roque won the bronze medal.

In turn, the rugby sheep took over the golden metal within the event.




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