Boris Becker suddenly fitter than ever


29. November 2021 – 21:28 clock

“If it says Boris Becker, Boris Becker has to be inside”

Play tennis once as successfully as Boris Becker? This dream could now be within reach for young talents. The three-time Wimbledon hero has opened his own tennis academy in Hochheim am Rhein. Although training has been taking place in the hallowed halls since February, the 54-year-old has finally officially inaugurated the school – fitter than ever and pretty cool in the red jogger, as we show in the video above. It is the proof: His knee problems seem to be finally off the table.

Boris Becker’s secret of success

RTL was there when Becker cut the red tape and commented on the first training sessions from the edge. A special atmosphere, after all, the 54-year-old started out very small. So he knows what is important if you are aiming for a great career. “You don’t become a champion by chance or because you’re just lucky. There is a secret: work and discipline. You become world champion on the training ground,” said the ex-professional athlete. And maybe thanks to these tips the first graduates of the Academy will soon be playing with the greats in the world. (cch)




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