Boca Juniors, champion of the Argentine Cup with 4 Colombians, such as Villa and Cardona

The ‘coffee growers’ champions with the cast ‘blue and gold’ were Frank Fabra, Jorman Campuzano, Edwin Cardona and Sebastián Villa, all as headlines.

However, none of the 4 could participate in the definition for charges from the penalty spot because before the end of regulation time all were replaced.

Meanwhile, in workshops there was also a Colombian presence, as the defense Rafael Perez and the attacker Diego Valoyes They were there from start to finish, but neither kicked in the final shots.

In this way, Boca Juniors He assured his presence in the next Copa Libertadores and saved the season after a regular presentation in the local league.

On the other hand, this could be the last conquest of Cardona with the ‘xeneize’ shirt, since his loan contract is about to expire.

Similar luck would run the other ‘coffee growers’ of Boca, as they would be on the list of possible negotiations for 2022.

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Boca Juniors, champion of the Argentine Cup with 4 Colombians

On video, this was the consecration:




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