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Bayern-Barça, behind closed doors

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BarcelonaAs Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder announced yesterday, Bayern Munich will have to play behind closed doors at the Allianz Arena due to the spread of the coronavirus in Germany and the European continent. This measure, which also affects the rest of the Bavarian clubs, means that the German champions will face Barça without an audience in the match on Wednesday 8 December, which corresponds to the last day of the group stage of the Champions League. While Bayern Munich are already ranked first in the group, Barça are bound to win on Bavarian soil if they want to secure their place in the round of 16 and not have to depend on the result of Benfica-Dinamo Kiev. If Barça win at the Allianz Arena, they will certify the classification. On the other hand, if they draw or lose, they will pass the group stage as long as the Portuguese team does not add the three points.

The measure anticipated yesterday by Söder will be valid at least until the end of the year and follows, in this way, similar announcements from the authorities of the neighboring land of Baden-Württemberg. The head of the Bavarian government demands that, due to the rapid spread of the fourth wave of coronavirus in Germany, fans be banned from accessing stadiums across the country, a move in which he will insist on a meeting between the federal states. and the central government, with the presence of acting Chancellor Angela Merkel, her successor, Olaf Scholz, and regional leaders. “It is important to decide as a unit for the whole country not to admit spectators. If this does not work at the federal level, we will do it only at the Bavarian level. Football plays an important role as an example. Right now we need to reduce contacts everywhere, ”Söder said in an interview with regional channel Bayerischer Rundfunk.

Leipzig already played without an audience

The Leipzig-Bayer Leverkusen was already played behind closed doors this Sunday due to the measures taken by the Land of Saxony, one of the most affected by the pandemic. In fact, the omicron variant has already reached German soil. The pandemic is hitting football again.


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