Basketball: The Under 15 Basketball Championship in Trapani begins today

Pallacanestro Trapani is ready to play the Under 15 championship, with the debut set for today, Wednesday 22 December, in the home match of PalaConad against Raptors Palermo. The double ball of the Tuna Auriga Trapani is set for 19:30.

The regional championship is divided into groups and the Trapani Basketball in the first phase of the tournament will face the teams coming from the province of Trapani, Palermo and part of Agrigento. In addition to the grenades and the aforementioned Raptors Palermo, there are Libertas Alcamo, Virtus Pallacanestro Mazara, Happy Basket Palermo, Basket Ribera, Cus Palermo and Academy Bagheria. The Trapani team is led by Giorgio Bonanno, a coach who also leads the Under 16 team

The Under 15 team of Trapani Basketball sees the collaboration of the Western Sicily Basketball Network project. An initiative that for years has seen the grenade company collaborate with the realities of the territory, in order to develop the youth movement. A collaboration that Basketball Trapani has proudly established with Virtus Trapani, Nuova Pallacanestro Marsala, Palermo Raptors, Virtus Mazara and Basketland Castelvetrano.

The Under 15 grenade calendar

Wednesday 22 December, 7:30 pm, Tonno Auriga Trapani vs Palermo Raptors

Thursday 13 January, 6.15 pm, Academy Bagheria vs Tonno Auriga Trapani

Wednesday 19 January, 6 pm, Cus Palermo vs Tonno Auriga Trapani

Thursday 27 January, 18:30, Basket Ribera vs Tonno Auriga Trapani

Saturday 29 January, 4 pm, Happy Basket Palermo vs Tonno Auriga Trapani

Saturday 12 February, 5.15 pm, Tuna Auriga Trapani vs Virtus Pallacanestro Mazara

Thursday 17 February, 7.15 pm, Libertas Alcamo vs Tonno Auriga Trapani

Tuesday 21 February, 4:50 pm, Palermo Raptors vs Tonno Auriga Trapani

Friday 4 March, 7:30 pm, Auriga Trapani vs Academy Bagheria

Saturday 12 March, 5.15 pm, Tuna Auriga Trapani vs Cus Palermo

Saturday 19 March, 5.15 pm, Tuna Auriga Trapani vs Basket Ribera

Saturday 26 March, 5.15 pm, Tuna Aruiga Trapani vs Happy Basket Palermo

Friday 1 April, 6:30 pm, Virtus Pallacanestro Mazara vs Tonno Auriga Trapani

Saturday 9 April, 5.15 pm, Auriga Trapani vs Libertas Alcamo

The Under 15 grenade roster

Christian Cirobisi

Antonio Donato

Lorenzo Galatà

Nicolò Genna

Enrico Gerardi

Flavio Giacalone

Aurelio Grillo

Samuele Pagano

Luigi Patti

Daniele Piccichè

Davide Rizzo

Alessandro Rocchetti

Bartolomeo Savalli

Giovanni Scalia

Salvatore Tumminia

Coach: Giorgio Bonanno

Assistant Coach: Gabriele Baseggio

Assistant Coach: Christian Culcasi

Athletic Coach: Davide Scontrino

Director: Giuseppe Tumminia




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