Basketball: Legnano defeated by Florence (76-80)

Legnano- Florence 75-80 (18-16; 39-32; 56-52)
Legnano loses under the blows of a convincing Florence. The lack of accuracy in shooting gave space to the Florentine opponents who put the turbo in the last quarter (+13 three minutes from the end). The Knights reacted too late.

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Basket Legnano challenges Florence 4 of 17

Disappointment those expressed by both the president Marco Tajana that from gm Maurizio Basilico who at the end of the game commented: «We must apologize to all the people who came to see us tonight. We played the worst game of the league. We played without intensity, motivation: on the contrary. We had to win. Instead… Now we have to reset: two difficult games await us Omegna and Livorno. We have to take the positive side of this indecent performance: we no longer have to show up on the pitch in these conditions. Everyone’s fault because when you lose it’s everyone’s fault. So let’s all reflect and from Sunday we go back to training with our minds and the desire to play basketball ».

Ranking:La Patrie San Miniato 16 (8 wins and 1 defeat); Paffoni Fulgor Omegna 14 (7 wins and 2 defeats); Elachem Vigevano 14 (7 victories and 2 defeats); 3G Electronics Legnano 14 (7 wins and 3 defeats); S.Bernardo / Abet Langhe Roero 12 (6 wins and 3 defeats); Maurelli Group Libertas Livorno 10 (5 wins and 4 defeats); Riso Scotti Pavia 10 (5 wins and 4 defeats); Coelsanus Robur et Fides Varese 8 (4 victories and 5 defeats); Use Computer Gross Empoli 8 (4 wins and 5 losses); All Food / Enic Firenze 8 (4 wins and 6 defeats); Oleggio 6 (3 wins and 6 defeats); Sintecnica Cecina 6 (3 wins and 6 defeats); Solbat Piombino 6 (3 wins and 6 defeats); Unicusano Pielle Livorno 6 (3 wins and 6 defeats); LTC Group Sangiorgese Basket 4 (2 wins and 7 defeats);
Cipir College Borgomanero 4 (2 wins and 7 defeats).

The other races of the round:
04/12/2021 21:00 Oleggio-Elachem Vigevano
04/12/2021 21:00 Unicusano Pielle Livorno-Use Computer Gross Empoli
05/12/2021 18:00 S.Bernardo / Abet Langhe Roero-Paffoni Fulgor Omegna
05/12/2021 18:00 Sintecnica Cecina-Cipir College Borgomanero
05/12/2021 18:00 La Patrie San Miniato-Solbat Piombino
05/12/2021 18:00 LTC Group Sangiorgese Basket-Coelsanus Robur et Fides Varese
05/12/2021 18:00 Maurelli Group Libertas Livorno-Riso Scotti Pavia

Finale: 76-80
39 ‘: 66-74; Terenzi goes to the line twice and makes a total of three free throws out of four (63-74). The Knights return to hope with the Casini bomb. Other Time Out
38 ‘: 60-71; comes the shot from Marino’s area. Time out
37 ‘: 58-71; it sounds unbelievable, but it’s true! Florence is on the run and Legnano is unable to react
36 ‘: 57 -65; Marino goes to the line and makes one free throw out of two. (Bonus fouls sold out also for Legnano).
35 ‘: 56-60; and here is the overtaking of Florence with Staffieri. Time out (Foul bonus sold out for Florence)
32 ‘: 56-56; Parity. Nothing to do Legnano lacks accuracy in shooting

End of third quarter: 56-52
27 ‘: 45-44; overtaking of Florence (43-44). Then come the points of Bianchi and Terenzi
Time out Legnano
25 ‘: 41-40 too many mistakes under the basket for Legnano. Florence is there with the Poltroneri bomb.
23 ‘: 40-34; Cepic goes to the line and makes one free throw out of two
21 ‘: 39-34; we start again with the points of Pizzo (Florence)

Best scorer for Legnano: Marino 10 points, Cepic and Terenzi 7. Per Florence, on the other hand, Pizzo 10 points followed by Passoni 9 and Castelli 6.
Total rebounds – Legnano 24 against 10 in Florence.

End of second quarter: 39-32
19 ‘: 34-30; moment of distraction for the Knights: Florence takes advantage and shortens the distance
17 ‘: 31-25; Legnano tries to escape
14 ‘: 28-23; triple by Casini

(21.08) The challenge resumes
(Ore 21) Moment of suspension for an illness accused inside the building. While waiting to be able to resume the game, the players are warming up.

13 ‘: 25-23; with Marino and Roveda Legnano maintains the advantage. But Firenza remains behind. Time out
11 ‘: 20-18; the fourth begins with Leardini’s dunk on Marino’s assist and Florence’s response with Pizzo’s shot

End of first quarter: 18-16
After Casini’s free throws and Terenzi’s foul, Legnano’s time out arrives 14 seconds from the end of the quarter (18-16). Within seconds Legnano has collected 3 fouls.
9 ‘: 15-14; unchanged score: it is a fight under the basket.
7 ‘: 15-14; with Μarino and Terenzi Legnano tries to stay ahead
4 ‘: 10-10; parity
3 ‘: 6-3; Legnano takes the lead with Solaroli and Marino
1 ‘: 0-0; neither of the two challengers has found the basket for the moment

Basic quintet in the field for Legnano: Terenzi, Solaroli, Marino, Bianchi and Cepic

Referees Marco Zuccolo (Pordenone) and Marco Schiano from Zenise (Trieste)

We are on the tenth day of the championship, in Group A of Serie B, and Knights are ready to challenge Florence. The goal is to put two important points on paper in view of the playoffs. Ball for two at 8.30 pm at the PalaBorsani in Castellanza.

For the occasion, the Knights wear a special jersey for remember the 50th anniversary of the founding of Olimpia Legnano Basketball: the second club from Legnano which in 2006 was founded with Pallacanestro Legnano, thus giving life to Legnano Basket.



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