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Basketball: Clémence Hallard combines her passion for the game with her job as a physiotherapist at BLMA

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There are those inaccessible dreams, others which do not necessarily come true at the expected time and, in the case of Clémence Hallard, it is the second option which, luckily, is the right one.

Native of Lille, Clémence sailed very early in the basketball sphere, chaining the ESB Villeneuve-d’Ascq training center, the club’s N2 team, and Armentières (LF2) where she knew the bench above all.

The bankruptcy of the said club corresponded to his entry into medicine (one year), the sector chosen before starting his three-year physiotherapy cycle. “I love basketball but I never had this high level dream, I didn’t have the capacity”, she explains, lucid.

Unsolicited applications

Between a mother PE teacher and a physiotherapist father at Lille OSC “long time ago”, Clémence hesitated. Before choosing the second with the will of “do not ask myself in a cabinet”, like this nine-month experience in Reunion Island for replacements and … his coming to the South to definitely get into the deep end, “without really knowing what to expect …”

Five years after having graduated (2014), Clémence applied to BLMA where a fifteen-day freelance was offered to her by the one who preceded her. A nice combination of circumstances combined with the good recommendations of a Hugo Vasse requested for the place, “whom I thank for having pushed my application because I had applied again in 2020” later, Clémence joined the BLMA at the dawn of the 2020-2021 season.

“I am present when I arrive 45 minutes before, at all the training sessions. I start them with straps and massages to” warm up “the players in need. Then there are the injuries that need to be taken. ‘occupy and, in addition to the “known” cases (the Tchatchouang, Mbuyamba and Dabovic trio), we are doing pretty well so far if we remember the nine matches in October “, she explains.

Concerned from Monday to Sunday according to the calendar, the state of the troops … Clémence, with the timetable modeled on that of the Gazelles, has “ a life of passion. When I come to the club, I don’t have the feeling that I am going to work. I love basketball and my job, there is always adrenaline, I have the advantage of being the same age as some. Links have been created but it is very energy intensive, I will not do that ten years. ”

In addition to medical functions, there is a role “I would say more of a” psychologist “than of a confidante”, she will not say more out of discretion.

In the staff of Les Bleues

As shy as she is, Clémence nevertheless agrees to tell her last episode, her integration into the France team. I had set myself the goal of supporting teams from France and I applied. But this is totally unexpected. “Valé” (Demory) told me that beloved (Jean-Aimé Toupane, new EDF coach) was going to call me after coming to Lattes with Cathy (Melain). He told me about his project, the whole restructuring and, in the end, asked me if it interested me. I said yes of course “, enthuses the person concerned.

A short stay at Insep, an expedition to Ukraine (the key to failure), a first success, her family just behind her in Villeneuve, Clémence has known it all. Including “the shame of my life, sing Hey oh of Tragedy by way of hazing in front of 25 people. I can’t wait to go back there, it will be in Belgrade in February for three qualifying matches for the World Cup. “ We told you, a passion …

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