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Basket, Chicca Macchi and the love for “his” Varese. “Feminine in A, a dream”

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VARESELaura Macchi, for everyone Gem, is another of the precious pearls born from extraordinary Varese basketball tradition. Incidentally, one of the strongest (low estimate) Italian players ever produced. Born in 1979, he spent his life on parquet in Italy and in Europe, up to the Wnba with the Los Angeles Sparks. Add to this the incredible experience in blue shirt (113 appearances and 1,387 points) and the 9 championships won. For a few months Chicca has hung her shoes on the fateful nail. She changed her career and today she has become highly appreciated technical voice of the commentary in the men’s Serie A with Discovery Plus (in the photo together with one of his “adventure companions”, the Saronnese Mario Castelli). In short, a privileged interlocutor to talk about basketball, of LBA and of Varese. And, why not, to indulge in some little big dream.

The closure of the competitive career

The Covid it helped me to find awareness in the decision to interrupt a competitive path. It was a stop imposed on everyone and therefore also on me. This helped me. Since I quit, I haven’t wanted to put up again basketball shoes and it’s a feeling that often makes me think. Maybe mentally I had already “arrived” and I did not realize it. Then I must say that the new adventure on tv it helped to quickly take my head elsewhere.

The new adventure in Discovery Plus

In July I started with Sky to follow the European women’s basketball. For me it was the first real experience, almost in continuity with the world I had just left. Then he called me Discovery Plus to comment on the Tokyo Olympics. At the beginning I was a little scared, because we came out of my own sphere, but I must say that I immediately felt at ease. I really like the experience as a commentator, even if I find it hard to listen to myself again. I am exploring the men’s basketball, which is a completely different world from the female one, just think of the physical impact. Every now and then I encounter some difficulties, because I have yet to fully appropriate this context, but I work a lot on it and prepare myself adequately behind the scenes. I like to find myself in trouble and always question myself, because it is an opportunity for get out of my comfort zone. Among other things, I work with wonderful colleagues, each with their own specificities. Among all I mention Mario Castelli: super well prepared and competent. Here, I immediately tried to be complementary to Mario, bringing my technical and tactical point of view, without risking overlapping in the comments.

The LBA championship

Milano it is usually a steamroller, then in the end we will see the results. Behind there are many teams, many of them with numerous injury problems, which among other things coincide with a difficult context for everyone in the last two years. Balance reigns supreme. It makes me kind of see many two-sided teams, that is in difficulty in the European cups and excellent in the league. In Serie A I want to understand the value of Reyer Venice, perhaps the furthest behind the announced protagonists. However, it is an evolving picture, because many have it changed identity and coach in progress and therefore it is necessary to wait before formulating a definitive judgment.

Openjobmetis Varese

It has had a notable array of problems from the start, just think about the injuries and then al Covid. I commented on it in a serious moment down on the field of Virtus Bologna and in one phase up in the victory against Tortona. I was in Masnago during the “tragic” evening against Reggio Emilia. I felt disheartened for the players: losing heavily at home and having your audience praising the opponents’ 100 points and cheering the former coach who comes out triumphant … a very heavy defeat, which was followed by the resignation of Andrea Conti. To judge the current team, the impact of Keene and the physical condition of Egbunu. The Openjobmetis he needs to work together and with serenity. Against Tortona, in flashes, I have seen good things. Among all, I want to point out the impact of Alessandro Gentile. A player who was more available to the team and who was able to involve his teammates, even when he went back to the basket. Under these conditions it can become the extra weapon.

The dream: a women’s Varese basketball in Serie A

I have always been in love with my city, Varese, and of Luis Scola. To become a player and a character like The general there is an enormous mental work behind it, in addition to the gifts of mother nature. I think that a basketball city like Varese deserves a women’s section in Serie A: they have it Venezia, the Virtus Bologna, Sassari and I know that they are also being born in other squares. He told me about it Toto Bulgheroni in a recent meeting at Panathlon and I gave him my opinion. I think we must allow time for Varese basketball to lay, first of all, the solid foundations of the men’s Serie A. Then I hope that we can embrace the project of women, provided that there is serious planning to maintain it over time, because unfortunately I have seen many projects that are born and die in an amen. Am I the female Luis Scola? What can I say … I would like very much e I’m available, commentary permitting. I always say to Andrea Meneghin that I envy him because he managed to win a championship in his, in our city, while I I won 9 Italian championships away. A Varese there is a lot of pressure and competence and it is always difficult to do well. The fans live in the memory of the old teams and ask for raise the bar, although unfortunately the current budget would not allow it. However, when things go well, the Enerxenia Arena really becomes the extra weapon.

Chicca Macchi retires. Basketball greets the most successful Italian player

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