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Baseball Serie A 2022: groups, calendar, rules

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Definiti i groups, the calendar and the regulation from the Serie A baseball for 2022. Group A includes Senago and Brescia, the only two Lombard teams to hold up the banner of the region in the top national division.

Baseball Serie A 2022, the groups

Here are the groups in detail:

  • GROUP A: Parma, Cagliari, Poviglio, Grizzlies Turin, Oltretorrente, Senago, Brescia, Seventh.

  • GROUP B: Fortitudo Bologna, Collecchio, Padua, Verona, Rovigo, Thunders Dragons, Cervignano, New Black Panthers.

  • GROUP C: San Marino, Godo, Torre Pedrera, Crocetta, Sala Baganza, Modena, New Rimini, Longbridge.

  • GROUP D: Nettuno, Macerata, Grosseto, Bologna, Paternò, Academy Nettuno, Jolly Roger.

The calendar of Group A 2022

Here is the schedule of Group A of the Serie A baseball for 2022.

1st day (2/3 April)

2nd day (9-10 April)

  • Brescia-Poviglio

  • Grizzlies Turin-Parma

  • Seventh-Senago

  • Oltretorrente-Cagliari

Matchday 3 (April 16/17)

  • Senago-Grizzlies Torino

  • Parma-Brescia

  • Poviglio-Cagliari

  • Seventh-overstream

4th matchday (23/24 April)

  • Cagliari-Parma

  • Brescia-Senago

  • Grizzlies Torino-Settimo

  • Oltretorrente-Poviglio

5th matchday (30 April / 1 May)

Matchday 6 (May 7/8)

  • Cagliari-Seventh

  • Brescia-Grizzlies Turin

  • Parma-Oltretorrente

  • Poviglio-Senago

Matchday 7 (May 15/16)

The rules

The first two of each group will gain access to the Scudetto poule, where the eight qualified teams will be divided into two other groups. In detail, the first of Group A will go to the lot together with the first of Group C and the second of groups B and D. The four winners of the groups will advance to the semifinals and then to the final for the Scudetto. All the other classified of the single rounds, that is to say from the third to the eighth, will instead end up in the poule salvation. Here there will be a further division into four groups (in detail the third, fourth and fifth of Group A will end together with the sixth, seventh and eighth of Group B) where the last of each group will be relegated to Serie B.

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