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BASEBALL – Employer strike would not affect the development of the winter tournament

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Among uncertainties, the major league lockout is on the march, a termination that is already in its second date.

Apparently, in the Dominican Republic the lack of light in the conversations between owners and players will not prevent, at least for the moment, the development of the current winter baseball tournament, an event in which many players, instructors and executives with commitments of jobs with all 30 major league franchises.

Vitelio Mejía, president of the Dominican Baseball League told Listín Diario this week that the official position of Major League Baseball was still being awaited and that at least initially the lockout would not affect winter baseball activities, that Last night he celebrated his 29th date of his regular series calendar and is only 11 games away from completing it.

“We have our relationships governed by the agreement of the Winters League,” Mejía explained to the Listín Diario.

On his side, Yerik Pérez, Director of the MLB office in the country said that it will remain open, working on what can be done.

Like everyone else, he hopes that both parties can reach an agreement as soon as possible and things return to normal.

While several Major League Baseball franchises issued statements giving freedom to several of their executives and instructors to continue carrying out their work in the winter leagues, but without talking with the players on matters related to the Major Leagues.

Also some former players, even with the rank of immortal like Pedro Martínez, who expressed that there are no reasons for the strike and advocated that both parties find solutions to the situation that prevails in the big tent.

Pedro victim of a strike

“Communication must be paramount between the two parties, the doors must always be open and sit at the dialogue table,” said the immortal from Cooperstown, while participating in the opening of the EDS Baseball Academy, run by the player Edwin Encarnación.

Pedro even recalled that he was one of the victims of the last lockout in 1994, the year in which the Montreal Expos, a group to which he belonged and easily dominated the National League.

“I remember that the strike that year, perhaps cost us the conquest of a World Series,” added the winner of 219 games and only 100 failures in his career.

“The losses caused by a strike are innumerable, as well as the distrust of the fans, this is something that we must always consider, since the first thing is to strengthen the existing relations between both parties,” he added.

“Both Major League Baseball and the Players Association must find a way for this beautiful game, which we all enjoy, to continue to reap rewards and it would be a very regrettable shame if the broad group of players and the beauty of baseball had to be questioned by a misunderstood, “he added.

David ortiz

Likewise, Ortiz pointed out that there is a lot of money involved in MLB, but that in the end there will be solutions between both parties.

In his peculiar language he pointed out that he will take at least a couple of days of “jogging”, but in the end the situation will be resolved.


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