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Baseball America announces its top 10 Cubs prospects for 2022

by archysport

Baseball America, the oldest and most respected source of potential rankings, announced theirs Top ten prospects for 2022. (Baseball America under. Beginning)

While the rankings and scouting reports are behind a paywall, I can share with you who Baseball America thinks are the top 10 prospects in the Cubs system.

  1. Burn Davis, OF
  2. Cristian Hernandez, SS
  3. Brailyn Márquez, LHP
  4. Pete Crow-Armstrong OF
  5. Jordan Wicks, LHP
  6. Kevin Alcantara, OF
  7. Caleb Kilian, RHP
  8. Owen Cassie, OF
  9. DJ Herz, LHP
  10. Yohendrick Pinango, OF

BA also published a “Best Tools” list in the Cubs system that are not behind a paywall. (Please ignore the “Projected 2025 Lineup.” They do this every year for every team, and even they admit it doesn’t make sense. But they keep doing it.)

It’s an interesting list, and what stands out most is that five of the 10 players weren’t on the Cubs system at this point in 2020. BA has traditionally placed a lot of emphasis on upside in their rankings, which is why Márquez probably only dropped to third place on the list, although he didn’t pitch a single inning in 2021.

Kyle Glaser, who was responsible for compiling the list, Also had an online chat about the Cubs farm system. The chat transcript does not have a paywall. In that chat, Glaser revealed that the Cubs’ second-round pick, James Triantos, came 11th.

I think we’re going to see a lot of different top ten lists this winter because after Davis and Hernandez there are no players in the Cubs’ farming system who will make the top 100 lists. But they have a very deep system with a lot of players with the potential to become high quality major leagues.

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