Awesome pictures of Kobe at her prom resurface!

NBA (DR) / NBC 10 Philadelphia (DR)

Before the emergence of social networks, and the now usual follow-up of young prospects in the high school circuit, Kobe Bryant already appeared as a star as a high school student. The images of her prom, 25 years old, are therefore surprising!

Thanks to YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and all other kinds of platforms, it is not difficult these days to discover the future stars of the NBA floors before everyone else. The coverage of the high school circuit is indeed increasingly broad via social networks, which allows young American talents to make a name for themselves even before tasting the NCAA or the professional circuit.

On the other hand, apart from the few leading US sports media which reserved a few lines and air minutes for the most talented high school students, there were few ways to become a star basketball player before having set foot in the NBA before. To achieve this, it was necessary to display a crazy potential, as was the case with Kobe Bryant.

Kobe’s lunar arrival at her prom

Straight from the ranks of his Lower Merion high school to the Lakers, Kobe was able to do it thanks to his insane performances with his high school team. These also allowed him to become a celebrity personality even before he was 18 years old. The proof, with the old images found from his prom, during which he made a remarkable entrance!

Expected by no less than 15 cameras in the streets of Philadelphia, the Young Mamba landed on the arm of the famous Brandy Norwood, a huge popstar of the time! All this, obviously 3 hours late, just to be desired like the older ones do. Fortunately for him, he was able to perfectly assume this nascent notoriety in the big league thereafter, showing himself over the years just as dominant as with Lower Merion!

Star even before stepping on an NBA floor, Kobe Bryant has undoubtedly experienced one of the most watched proms in history. Decidedly, Vino was really not like the others, from an early age!



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