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Attila’s boxing premiere came out, Kincla reboxed. What will happen next?

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Attila Végh originally planned to conclude a wrestling trilogy with former Bellator colleague Emanuel Newton. However, a few days before the planned boxing duel, he tested positive for the covid and had to resign. The unnamed deputy, who had the organizers of the premiere gala evening Fight Night Challenge in reserve, did the same. So on Christmas Day they tried to call Patrik Kincl and the Czech warrior did not hesitate. However, he admitted that his wife had to first consecrate his trip to Brno. At the last minute, he even had to look for some mandatory equipment, including a boxing suspender or shoes.

Many predicted that she would lose weight to Attila, but this was not confirmed. Patrik weighed 97.6 kg, ie 100 grams more than the Slovak legend. However, height centimeters played an important role in the fight. The Czech fighter tried to shorten the distance only to the time necessary for the attack, and then escaped into the distance again. Other times, to be sure, he tied the fight in a nail and waited for the referee.

Végh managed to hit, but none of the fighters, with a few exceptions, did not want to engage in any headless shootings. The tactical fight had to be decided by the points judges, who sided with Attila.

“He really surprised me with his box, hat down,” the winner was heard after the match and emphasized again that he would not box with anyone, but he knew about Patrik that he was preparing for an MMA match where he belongs to the top of the house. On the next FNC sequel, there is a chance that we will see Attila boxing again, this time against the original rival Newton. In the MMA, he is said to be interested only in retaliation with Vémola. Kincl already has an Oktagon title match planned against Végh’s teammate Samuel Krištofič, who also boxed yesterday.

Except for the complications with the live broadcast, which did not work for some viewers at first, the premiere of the Fight Night Challenge was quite successful. Karlos Vémola also pleasantly surprised as the moderator of the whole evening. During the event, the main match for the next time, which will be provided by rappers Majk Spirit and Separ, has also been announced


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