Attacked by Buzer Accused of Hunting Sports Rent, Jonatan Christie: It’s Natural, We’re Defending Indonesia

HALOYOUTH – Tim Thomas’ sarcasm, assisted by netizens regarding prizes for those who managed to bring back the Thomas Cup, has yet to find a bright spot.

The athletes who competed in the Thomas Cup even got ridicule from other netizens, they asked that the athletes stay focused on playing without expecting a bonus.

They consider Team Thomas athletes to be rent-seeking hunters who seek to profit from badminton.

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One of the athletes who vocally insinuated the government to give bonuses is Jonathan Christie, through his tweets on Twitter he often insinuated the attitude of the Indonesian government.

For him, bonuses from the government for athletes who succeed in becoming champions in every event are very important, especially for the international class.

This was conveyed by Jonathan in a video uploaded by the Narasi newsroom YouTube channel.

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“I think it’s a natural thing when we want to get appreciation from the government, because who else is it, we have defended Indonesia too,” he said.



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