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Atlético Nacional players with successful third parties: Alex Mejía has a new challenge | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

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Throughout the rich history of National Athletic, Few are the players who have had second parts and the list is more limited where they had three cycles with the team and it has also been successful. With his departure from Santa Fe and after confirming his return to purslane, Alexander Mejia He will seek to continue with his legacy in the team trying to continue adding cups for the Antioquia team, will he succeed? Only time will tell.

In FUTBOLRED we review some players who fulfilled in three stages with the team.

René Higuita

The ‘madman’ was key in the 1989 Copa Libertadores, a few months after his arrival from Millonarios. Soccer made him go to European soccer for a season, returning to the team in 1992 where he continued to collect titles. In 2017 he came to support from the technical part, where Nacional continued to obtain local and international titles.

Macnelly Torres

The Barranquilla midfielder arrived in 2011 where he helped win the League I-2011, his magic only lasted a semester, since he went to Mexican soccer, where he returned to the Antioquia club six months later to continue adding cups. In 2013 and after winning League I-2013 he went to Arab football and after a stint at Junior, in 2015 he had his third and best stage with Nacional, where he helped win the Copa Libertadores, a couple of Leagues, a Super League. and the Recopa Suramericana, reaching a total of eight titles won with the green team from Antioquia.

Victor Aristizábal

The historic goalscorer of Atlético Nacional made his debut with the purslanes in 1990 and was part of the 1991 League title, in 1993 he went to European football after scoring 63 goals, to turn back the purslane team in 1994, where in two seasons he scored 58 goals and he was a finalist in the 1995 Copa Libertadores. In 1996, ‘Aristi’ went to Brazilian soccer, where he scored a large number of goals. In 2000 it was his third cycle with Nacional where he was important for the conquest of the Merconorte Cup. In 2001 he went to Cali and Brazil for his fourth and last cycle with Nacional, where he was a key player in three local titles, scoring 68 goals and helping the Antioquia team with leadership. He is one of the few players in the history of Nacional who has reached four stages.

Aldo Leao Ramirez

The samarium arrived in 2005, where it was difficult for him to adapt, but in the end it was key to the two-time championship titles in 2007. After passing through Morelia de México, in 2009 he arrived at Nacional where it cost him too much and passed with more pain than glory. In 2017 he reached his third stage with the purslane where he had good, regular and bad games, but he was part of the team that won the League I-2017, the Recopa Suramericana 2017 and the Copa Colombia 2018. In three stages with the club, He played 228 games, scored 21 goals and won five titles.

The challenge of Alexander Mejía

With 201 games between 2012 and 2014 and his second stage in 2016. The central midfielder with an impeccable brand, great start and dedication who raised nine trophies at the club, will have his third chance with the purslane shirt, in a time of need for hierarchy and leadership in the team, he must show all his experience and good play, if he succeeds, his name will be on another golden page of the team. Quite a challenge for him.

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